Angry Birds Walkthrough & Cheats – World 1-3

    Angry birds walkthrough and cheats can help you get pass stuckness.  You know the moment, where you try and try but just can’t seem to get past a level? Look no further as we will help you beat those evil green pigs once and for all!

    Angry Birds Cheats and Angry Birds Walkthrough

    For those of you who have played Angry Birds for hours on end and can’t seem to beat the level, this post is for you. Here are the Angry Birds Cheats – Walkthrough for each level. Or if you don’t like the word CHEAT… what about this…. here are your Angry Birds hints 🙂

    WORLD 1 – Angry Birds Walkthrough & Cheats

    Here are the walkthrough cheats for Angry Birds World 1

    World 1 – Levels 1-5


    World 1 – Levels 6-10


    World 1 – Levels 11-15


     World 1 – Levels 16-21


    WORLD 2 – Angry Birds Walkthrough & Cheats

    Here are the walkthrough cheats for Angry Birds World 2

     World 2 -Level 1-5


    World 2 – Levels 6-10


    World 2 – Levels 11-15


    World 2 – Levels 16-21


    World 3 – Angry Birds Walkthrough & Cheats

    Here are the walkthrough cheats for Angry Birds World 3

    World 3 – Levels 1-5


    World 3 – Levels 6-10


    World 3 – Levels 11-15


    World 3 – Levels 16-21


    Don’t miss our all things Angry Birds Everything page. You’ll find crafts and projects all themed to our favorite game! We even have a Angry Birds Invitations template!

    Angry Birds has exploded and is now available on nearly every platform. Gamers and non-gamers love this app.

    Use the comments below to ask for Angry Birds help and get help. Help a fellow gamer out – leave a tip and share your knowledge!


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    • Robyn

      what about 6-16

    • jakeysaunt

      On Level 2-17 how do you drop the eggs?????

      • tony

        tap the screen

      • jordan

        you serious?

        • perfekt


      • heplays

        Tap on the bird

    • debbie

      im stuck in world 3…level 8-10, im trying to get 3 stars, but find it impossible..any suggestions?

    • Kim Kanable

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      • MadDogManny

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    • program

      thanks great =)

    • Brandon Hill

      How do you get the treasure chest on level 1-8?

      • Melissa

        You tap on it several times. It gives u an egg.

      • robyn

        Is this the Brandon from MMUMC? Robyn stuck on level 20-ugh

    • Kristofer Fenstermaker

      Possibly there is something faulty with the site? The layouts at the top appear a tiny messed up. good write-up nevertheless, continue the great work!

    • Laif Rognlin

      how do you make the blue birds break off into three and also do you make the yellow bird drop faster. like in level 1-21.Thats the one im stuck on.

      • Richard

        @Laif; to make the blue birds break off into three, or the yellow triangle shaped birds to pick up speed, you have to tap the screen after they are launched with the slingshot and while they are in the air. Try to time the screen tap so that you break more structure when they land. Takes just a little practice, but fun learning!

    • Robert

      What do you do with the gold eggs that give you the eagle beak and the really big pig?

      • Mann123

        You can pinch the pig nose to get a star.

        • DMC

          You pull the beak apart to reveal the gold star

    • Mann123

      How to get the gold egg the one that with rocket?

    • Becks

      Where is level 2 -21? It doesn’t appear in the videos.

    • debbie

      I can’t figure out how to do lever 1 2-11. Im trying all different ways to blow it up but nothing is working and someone please help me

      • HansB

        On level 1 – 2 – 11, you just need to aim high above the rocks and let those blackbombers land in the blue glass, leave them to explode on their own, will blow everything away easily

        • CC

          That works for the two under the glass, but how do you get the one on the bottom under the stone? I can’t seem to get that to move or even crack!

    • d

      How do you record the screen on a droid?

    • debbie

      Thanks now im stuck on 1-2-20

    • Michael

      When will the mighty eagle come out this year? By the way, I m the best cause I got 16 golden eggs and 3 stars on every level, no kidding!

      • Rutger

        I have 12. Where are the other 4? How much are there in the first Golden Egg screen? Why is the bird puzzled (see the ??? over its head)? Can you do anything with that?
        Liek to hear from you.

    • matt

      i’m stuck in 7-11. i cant get past that. please help!

      • Jenny

        I don’t get what to do on the last level. I have the star and am solved the rest of the levels but don’t know what to do next..

      • louise

        did you ever get an answer, i am stuck too, tried everything

        • Matt

          Fire the first bird right over the head of the first two pigs. Right as it’s about to hit the grey wall, release the bomb. The bomb will destroy the two pigs and the bird’s upward trajectory will take out that part of the structure. Do that will all four bird and you should destroy all the pigs. Hope that helps.

    • teresa

      I love the game I am having trouble with level 2 -21. I watched the cheat but it doesn’t help. Any suggestions?

      • Matt

        I’m not sure which cheat you watched, so I don’t know if this is different. I hammered the left “V” at the top of the tower. It usually takes three of four birds to make this happen. I alternate between the “V” piece and the triangle block right below it. After it tips to the right, it should be easy. Good luck.

    • CTForester

      I could never get 2-17 to work after several dozen attempts. Finally, I had used 2 birds and there was a pig left, so I decided to get him for practice. I got 3 stars even though I didn’t get a 10,000 point bonus. If you blow up enough wood and ice (and pigs), you can get enough points using 3 birds.

    • sharon

      How do I complete level 4-20? I am having sleepless nights. Help!!!!

      • Matt

        You must be if you’re posting this at 4:30am. This one takes a few tries, but the most effective way that I have found is to lodge the first bomb between the top three structures. If you launch the black bird high, it should sit nicely in between the first two “towers”. After that you need to just get creative because it’s different every time after the first explosion. Good luck.


      Where are the golden eggs?

    • Julia

      Help! Level 7-11 i us kicking my ass. Anybody have a cheat?

    • Krystle

      Ok i got 34,770 on level 1-6 and i still got 2 stars ? and on here on level 1-6 you got 34,720 and got 3 stars ? ok why aint mine 3 gold stars then ?

    • GLeavitt1983

      Angry Birds level 3-5 is weird. For starters, at the start of the level, the structure sort of drops down the top levels, causing many of the pieces and the top pig to move. Maybe you could use this to your advantage, but I’m still having trouble beating the level, even with the help video.

      • Nice10170

        Yea I am having trouble too the hint video didn’t help me lol

      • guest

        3-5 is all luck to get 3 stars, i’ve played it for about 6 hours in total, have done it like the video atleast 50-100 times, hitting the exact same spots and it still won’t go. there must be some specific way it has to setup inorder to beat it on 3 stars everytime…i’d challenge the person who did the walkthrough to make a video beating it 10 consecutive times with 3 stars, i think it’s impossible

    • Dfgdfgf

      Freaking awesome.

    • RILEcuyer

      Okay, my birds don’t “split” when I play. Why is that? I’m on a droid incredible. Thanks.

    • RILEcuyer

      Okay, my birds don’t “split” when I play. Why is that? I’m on a droid incredible. Thanks.

      • Jmac2828

        tap the screen while they are in flight

      • Killingspree187

        droid just sucks!! get an iphone 🙂

      • Killingspree187

        droid just sucks!! get an iphone 🙂

        • JcAustin

          Ever used a droid? Awesome phone!

        • Mrs. Jones

          i love you ok

        • Mrs. Jones

          i love you ok

      • Angel-j-l

        Yo have to touch the screen again to make them split

        • Thiercook

          I am playing on my Mac Computer via Google Chrome.. am stuck on level 3 / #15 and can’t tap to make them split.. any suggestions? I tried different buttons and the big white chickens don’t split

        • Thiercook

          I am playing on my Mac Computer via Google Chrome.. am stuck on level 3 / #15 and can’t tap to make them split.. any suggestions? I tried different buttons and the big white chickens don’t split

          • gramma of 9

            the big white chickens don’t split… they drop exploding eggs… only the little bluebirds split.

        • Thiercook

          I am playing on my Mac Computer via Google Chrome.. am stuck on level 3 / #15 and can’t tap to make them split.. any suggestions? I tried different buttons and the big white chickens don’t split

        • Thiercook

          I am playing on my Mac Computer via Google Chrome.. am stuck on level 3 / #15 and can’t tap to make them split.. any suggestions? I tried different buttons and the big white chickens don’t split

    • Chris_tracy76

      how do u get all three stars? Even when I get an incredible score and beat it with one or two birds it sometimes only gives me two or one stars…

    • Chris_tracy76

      how do u get all three stars? Even when I get an incredible score and beat it with one or two birds it sometimes only gives me two or one stars…

      • Beck

        It also depends on how many things you destroy for more points

    • mike

      how do you save your score, when I started today I was at a much lower level than when i finished yesterday

      • Richiemunro1986

        if you replay a level which you have 3 stars and only score two stars, then two stars becomes your new score

    • Theartie

      Finished all levels. 3 stars in all levels when I get to the last egg the big red bird is there but the 3 rows of pigs are not. Did I miss something? Also does this unlock other levels? Thanks for any help.

    • GameFreak

      Ummm there’s a difference between a walkthrough and a cheat…. Walkthroughs aren’t cheats in any way or form… They’re a guide. You really need to correct that!

      • Lefthandedgun

        You might consider consulting a dictionary before making comments of that nature. Any form of instruction that allows you to achieve specific objectives within a game without figuring out yourself is technically a “cheat”.

        • angriest bird you know


        • Twaceeb

          Does it really matter?

        • Pauloqs

          Not according to the New Oxford American Dictionary

    • Scorpio9

      How do you shoot a bunch of birds as opposed to just one?

      • Valboski1976

        Blue ones tap twice. Three fly.

        • Josh

          tap where??? i still don’t understand how to get three to fly

          • Shortbus885

            After you launch your blue bird you tap your phone screen anywhere and your bird splits into 3.

          • Zack04

            hey josh if your talking about the blue bird all you have to do is click on it or tap on it. simple huh?

        • Lovieleeglo

          thank you

      • Raerae

        Well it depends on how you shoot them and how you play it

        • JcAustin


          That’s helpful!

      • Alligator324


      • Princezzbirdiee

        u have to pull them all the way back i couldn’t at first but no i did just try and see what happends 

      • Sij124

        After shooting, tap the screen

        • Mjgonzales9417

          hi  hw r u 

      • Boom

        When you have the blue bird tap it in mid air

      • F#CKFACE

        you are versin

    • Damlady-tjc

      anyone know anything about the ‘angry radio’, the screen of birds or the screen of birds & sling shot etc in the Golden Eggs level?

      • Aubrey


      • Bob

        No I can’t get past the 2nd world HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Essential2him

      In order to make the blue bird split into three, double tap your screen after you’ve release the bird from the sling shot. Just discovered it today. Hope this helps. Good luck gamers!

    • Cristelu

      Generally a game is assumed to be for fun but this one is just anoing…no difficulty levels at start,just a big headache beacuse some idiots think we are all gamers…

    • Aubrey

      There are levels missing! Like the ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rimerrn

      any cheats or walk throughs for worlg 4 im stuck on level 4-6 HELP ME

      • Clevelandheidi

        i can’t help you because i am stuck on the same one!! HELP!!

        • LaurenLovesAngryBirds

          Done that level lol… if you mean the level in the mighty hoax??

      • crap-ola

        this level is the reason I came to this sight. Dag gum it!

      • crap-ola

        this level is the reason I came to this sight. Dag gum it!

    • Dlcjr08

      Whats up with the red birds how do you make them big

      • LaurenLovesAngryBirds

        The big birds are a different type of bird altogether lol.

    • Amitchstl

      He’s always gets the highscore.

    • Eric

      This game to me is entertaining, but some levels are annoying, and I can’t even remember which level I stuck on!!!!!!! Which is quite annoying to me. WHY ME??????????? Fun game though. (p.s. Love your vids to.)

      • Sujey

        It is annoying me to because I am stuck on a level too what should I do HELP ME!!!!!!!!!
        I would really be glad for your advaice

        • Angry Bird

          I bought Mighty Eagle. It helps, but you din’t get any points…

          • Angry Bird

            I mean DON’t get any points.

    • Deisy Castro88

      i need the cheat to 4-20!!

      • Angry Birds

        Angry Birds is my favorite!

    • Mundrreb

      Do u have any cheats for angry birds free, lite, or holiday free???

    • Ecwood2

      these are not cheats!

    • Yayafish

      I need help on 4-14……anyone know where I can find that help?

      • Luizmi1215

        just hit the little wooden blocks

    • hi

      pie pie apple pie angry birds easy beat all of it

    • Josh

      I am stuck on level 1-12 but i cannot figure out how to break the little guys into 3 parts and beat the level. Can you give me an tips?

      • Shortbus885

        After you launch your blue bird you tap the screen and he splits into 3 birds. You may have to double tap depending on what phone you have.

    • Shortbus885

      Totally diggin the hints! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us! 😀

    • Grsully

      I have cleared all level on al the games with 3 stars I only have 2 stars on Mighty Hoax 5-16 how do I get the third star? I can’s get past 108,110 points LSully

    • Kcravens18

      i need 4-14!!!!

    • Eugenie Dray

      Thanks for contributing so much with this great content.

    • Ashlyn+ boyfriendd

      stuck on one of the last levles helpp mee on the cowboy level

    • guest

      is there any way out there to beat level 2-12 on poached egg other shown in some inwhich i can’t beat it! i’v beat the whole game and can’t beat this one help! “angry bird”

    • Marilyn Loy66

      this is probably a really silly question, but my grandchildren would like to play and I’d like them to start from the beginning. How do I get there? I have a droid HTC, which is new to me so, I’m just learning, also. Is it possible to start a whole new game? Thanks for your help.

      • Castymiss

        You must first go into the market on your phone and download the game. Then is installs and then you can plan..hope it helps. I have the same Thunderbolt android. GREAT phone. And you are NOT stuck buying ONLY apple Apps…

    • Paulie

      thanks so much! now I passed 3-6, :/

    • Gbboat

      anyone know what the golden eggs page is for ? 

    • Sussixer

      WOOO HOOOO!!!  Thanks to you I’m finally passed 21!!  I didn’t even know they could do super pushes and split!  Awesome!   

    • FirdausShahreen

       I’ve really waste my time at Level 10. i’ve watched the walkthrough fof Level 10, but I still can’t do it!

    • Vdgray

      How do I get to level 4? I get to 3-21 then it goes to 4-6 and after I beat that t goes to reload or back to level 1, 2 or 3. What am I missing?

    • Barbi

      I am missing several of the Chrome emblems so i can play the bonus games. Does anyone know which Worlds and Levels they are???

    • Ferdzgrl

      in 1-8 how do you get the chest from the middle?

      • Coroner502

        If you tap on the chest with your finger you get a golden egg.

      • Coroner502

        If you tap on the chest with your finger you get a golden egg.

      • Takee_hassan


    • Anonymous

      Where are you playing Angry Birds?

    • Ellabee11

      on my computer the top pieces are ice not concrete

    • Herbmunson

      how do you get by world 4 level 6.

    • Jimbo

      There’s a pretty comprehensive list of Golden Egg walkthroughs here:

    • Sadielieby

      I cant get the cheat video to start ikeep tapping it,, nothing plz help

    • Loudog3378

      ok so i just read all the comments about splitting the birds and making them power dive and stuff like that……but it doesn’t help me cause i am playing on my laptop….is there a key to push or something we can do other than having an i-phone or droid

      • Loudog3378

        i figured it out…… the mouse button……yea me

    • Arunkumar

      What after all the levels are completed with 3 stars? I use the angry birds v1.1.3. Is there any new version available for download? If yes, then please give me the link..

    • little red birdie

      Level 3-5… my top pieces are glass, not wood (or concrete or whatever) Does anyone know how to beat this level? I can’t get past 2 stars 🙁

    • Mileycyrus123

      how do you do the chicken one with the egg dropping?I dont think you showed that one..

    • Jennifer3024

      how do you get the treasure chests like in level 1-8 that is in the rock?

    • Angry Birds Flash

          Thanks for sharing informative message blog post. Its very useful game resource for kids and adults.

    • Rdmsacto

      What are the locked chests under the pigs?

    • Louieamazel_daluz

      how to cheatssssssss….????????????

    • Emma Parley

      how can i cheat through world 1 . but on the green bit level 21. its inpossible i need HELP!!

    • Angry birds flash

        Thanks for valuable blog post. I really happy with your blog article post. I keep it up regular manner post.

    • Ladestiny

      how do you bet number five

    • Angry birds flash

         Thanks for saring informative blog article post. Its very useful for angry birds flash game.

    • cerridwen

      on the ph. did you know that if you touch and shake the screen after the bird hits you can knock more down. It really makes things fall over….so funny

    • werty76

      Angry birds FTW!! ;D

    • Hanging with friends cheat

       All games of Angry bird is so funny and interesting. i like it so much. nice blog.

    • Dragonflywebber

      how do u get to stage 4

    • Fauzan_adipopeye

      know the code correctly?

    • Zack004

      hey guys how do you find golden eggs?

    • Zack04

      how do you find golden eggs?

    • Memere of 4

      Oh My Gosh.  I’ve been trying to beat Angry Birds 2-12 for weeks now.  Watched videos and still couldn’t do it.  For some reason, watching your video made a difference.  I just beat it and finally got that Golden Egg.  Thanks.

    • shaker5585

      I cannot seem to get 3-15. i can get 3 pigs rite off of the start but there is so much rubble on the last pig at far rite that the other birds can’t blast through it. really starting to piss me off

    • Cheekz

      has anyone unlocked the ham & high level 14 or the cooming soon level on roku?

    • Izzul Fikri81

      Beat all level but only got 4 golden eggs ! damn . Please help me .

    • Neilanjulie

      Stuck in world 5 level12-8……………….can anybody help me pass this one????? Please????

    • Phobee_edralin25


    • Olegario Blanco

      I’ve just downloaded the Angry Birds Bot (facebook) from Pitilin Bots, I strongly recommend it.

    • Swahn

      I can’t get by level 7-2, any help?

    • Jay Budlight

      on level 37 in surf and turf, i am goi9ng after the golden egg behind me, is there a secret how to get under that ledge behind me to tap it?

    • Jay Budlight

      nevermind i just dropped a bomb egg off of white bird and it gotit, ty anyway’s

    • marybrown23

      thanks for walkthrough tips)

    • Realpcgeeks

      Wow thanks 🙂 I love Angry Birds, but i love bad piggies even more !


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