Texas Weather Humor

Texas Weather Humor

We are sharing laughs about the  crazy nature of weather in Texas that us Texans know so well.

No Such Thing as Predictable Weather

There is nothing like Texas weather. It can be 100 degrees with tornado warnings one day. Then 80 degrees and perfect the next day.

Rain in Texas

When it rains, it pours.  Texas averages 27 inches of rain each year - when you average across the various regions of state.

Texas Tornadoes

Texas averages 132 tornadoes a year! The typical Texas tornado season is spring and fall. Don't be surprised if a summer or winter tornado makes an appearance.

Summer is Coming

Are you ready for a Texas summer? Summer starts Tuesday, June 21, 2022. Get ready, Texas!

Summer Heat

Texas is HOT in the summer. You have been warned. Did you know we only had 8 days that were 100 degrees or more in 2021? In 1980, we had 69 days of 100 degrees in Texas!

Texas Winter

Texas winters are insane. It can be -1 degree on Sunday and then 70 degrees on Monday. You just never know which makes Texas weather humor even more humorous!

Yes, it Snows in Texas!

While you probably don't associate Texas with snow, it does snow here! The panhandle will get regular snow season, but in recent years it has snowed in recent years.

Texas Fall Season

If you are visiting Texas, might I suggest the Autumn months. The Texas fall season is lovely.

For the Love of Texas

Texas weather maybe crazy, but Texans love their state. Check out these Texas memes for both Texas lovers and haters.

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