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About Digital Mom Blog

Digital Mom Blog is a Digital Lifestyle Blog.

As a tech mom to 4 kids, there is a lot of life, parenting, and technology going on in our house. Here we share perspectives about technology and parenting. We talk about products that would benefit our community, and we laugh a lot. We love tech in all forms or fashion, and we are all about getting geeky but refuse to be boring!

Judge-Free Zone

Parenting is hard, life is tough and each of us is doing the best we can just to make it thru the day. If you were looking for a judgey mom blog, sorry – this is not it!


This blog is about helping parents. We want to help parents connect with their kids, technology and life.

Behind the Blog

Here is a little BTB – or behind the blog. When we started Digital Mom Blog and our why.

In 2009, I started Digital Mom Blog as a way to tell my friends about cool technology that I had discovered, share about my family and any other interesting finds that I found about social media (it was so new then!) and raising digital kids. 9 years later, I am still at it – and oh the places this blog has taken me!

Back in the day, when this blog first started – Angry Birds was all the rage. Angry Birds Cheats crashed my web server many times! Then it was Minecraft, Words with Friends Cheats and now it is Fortnite! It’s fun to see how technology, trends, games, parenting and kids have all evolved in the last decade!

Hi! I’m Molly Thornberg – AKA Digital Mom

A little about me. Hi, I’m Molly Thornberg, the editor and creator of Digital Mom Blog. I create content for multiple online platforms. My career has had me in some for of digital marketing for the last 20 years.

digital mom blogger tech

I guess you could say the internet is my thing. When in high school, I met my husband on the internet – back in 1996 – before the internet was even the internet. Gopher, BBS, anyone? anyone? Yep – old school web nerds.

It all works out because here 20 years later – I work online and I have been married for 20 years to the man I met online. (Even though he just lived a town over – God is funny like that.)

Tech Mom of 4

Outside of work, I am mom. I have 4 kids, so my name changes often but is typically MOM, MOMMY, MOTHER, MAMA – moms, you get it. I have a love for technology and helping moms keep up to date with the latest tech.

Dallas Blogger

I’m a Dallas Blogger. We reside in the great state of Texas and live on a little yellow farmette that we are slowly converting to a modern farmhouse with smart home technology features, because – hello 2019.

Our Family


Our yellow farmette doesn’t have chickens and goats yet – but we do have kids, dogs and bees!

Our 4 kids range in age from 7-years-old to 15-years old. It’s crazy to think when I started Digital Mom Blog, we were only a family of 4. Oh how things change, and so quickly too!

In addition to the kids, our 2 dogs are a Pug and a Golden Doodle. The husband and my father-in-law are now beekeepers, so I guess we raise bees too!

Things that I love include tacos, internet memes, traveling, my Instant Pot and Instagram stories (see personal Insta: @digitalmolly)

Things that are important to me are my faith, family, being open-minded and keeping an optimistic-realistic view of life.

I am a total introverted-extrovert. Love me some people, but also love me some alone time!

For a creative outlet, I like to renovate various aspects of our fixer-upper home. That doesn’t always work out, but alas – I try.

We sometimes accept guest bloggers as well. If interested in guest blogging – drop us a line at [email protected]