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About Digital Mom Blog

Digital Mom Blog is a Digital Lifestyle Blog.

As a tech mom, there is a lot of life, parenting, and technology going on in our house. Here we share perspectives about technology and parenting. We talk about products that would benefit our community, and we laugh a lot. We love tech in all forms or fashion, and we are all about getting geeky but refuse to be boring!

Judge-Free Zone

Parenting is hard, life is tough and each of us is doing the best we can just to make it thru the day. If you were looking for a judgy mom blog, sorry – this is not it!

This blog is about helping parents. We want to help parents connect with their kids, technology and life.

Behind the Blog

Here is a little BTB – or behind the blog. When we started Digital Mom Blog and our why.

In 2009, I started Digital Mom Blog as a way to tell my friends about cool technology that I had discovered, share about my family and any other interesting finds that I found about social media (it was so new then!) and raising digital kids. 12 years later, I am still at it – and oh the places this blog has taken me!

Back in the day, when this blog first started – Angry Birds was all the rage. Angry Birds Cheats crashed my web server many times! Then it was Minecraft, Words with Friends Cheats and now it is Fortnite! It’s fun to see how technology, trends, games, parenting and kids have all evolved in the last decade. And we can’t forget about the funny memes – we run on memes, seriously.

Press Features

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We sometimes accept guest bloggers as well. If interested in guest blogging – drop us a line at [email protected]