Internet Safety

Internet safety is a hot topic for parents, rightfully so. When we started Digital Mom Blog, our kids were young and so was the internet. Nowadays our kids are online all the time. 

Online safety is now something you must teach your kids. Just as you explain that you look both ways before crossing the street, you have to inform them what to expect, do, watch out and more in regards to surfing the web, going on social sites and in general – being online. 

internet safety tips

Over the years we have written quite a bit on internet safety, here are those posts. 

5 Tips For Raising Kids in the Age of Google

Let's talk about raising kids and the internet. Now a days we are all Google this. Google that. Growing up pre-Google, if I wanted to find out something - there were only a handful of ways to get the information. I had my parents, family and friends that I could ask....

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Keeping Kids Safe Online

While online safety for my kids has always been a priority, I never felt like I needed to babysit everything they do on the computer, tablets, etc. That's until as of late. The 10 and 8 year old have discovered the world of Google and to say the least, Google ain't...

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The Ultimate Parents Guide to the ROBLOX Game

The ROBLOX game was introduced to our kids a few years ago when our nephew, at the time 6-years-old discovered it. Like all good cousins, when they find something cool on the internet they share. After constant badgering from our kids, we downloaded the Roblox game...

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