Bikini Memes for National Bikini Day

Want a bikini body? News flash you have one.


The bikini was designed in May 1946, by Jacques Heim - a Parisian fashion designer.

Let's play hot dogs or bikini legs. Amazingly they look the same.

The two-piece swimsuit design was originally named the Atome ('Atom') and advertised as "the smallest swimsuit in the world" It would later become known as the bikini!


How amazing is this cat bikini? And if you don't have a Grandma that will knit you this, no worries - Jeff Bezos will! See link. 

Sweater body, bikini body - it's all the same. You do you. Wear the bikini if you want to wear the 2-piece. No one cares, and if they do - that's their issue not your's. 

That awkward moment when you realize you should have gotten a bikini wax. Amazon has an at home kit that works amazing (see aff link below!)

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