Head to the Polls on Get Out to Vote!

November 7th is voting day. Head to the polls, cast your ballot and make your voice heard in 2023.

The early voting period has ended and today, Tuesday November 7, 2023 is your last chance to vote in this election.

November 7th is Voting Day

Unfortunately, a large number of the population does not vote - especially in non-presidential elections (such as today's.)

At this point, we should all know that EVERY vote matters and we should all care about every elected position and topic being voted on.

Time to Vote

Better days are coming, but if you don't vote your voice can't be heard. Make sure to get to the polls and encourage your friends to do the same!

We have a huge collection of voting memes to help you get the word out and encourage people to vote. Click the link below.

Get Out to Vote

Tell your friends to get to the polls and share our election memes. We all have to do our part and it's our right to vote.


Thank you for using your voice. From school board positions to state officials and local propositions - your voice is needed.