Yep, I’m Embracing My Inner Geek (a day late)

My pal Susan emailed me about this yesterday, but the day slipped by and I didn’t get a chance to blog about it.

So in the spirit of “I don’t care, I’ll do what I want”, I’m celebrating EMBRACE YOUR INNER GEEK day, a day late. Created by

People are getting in touch with their inner geekdom and that can take the form of many different kinds of passions or obsessions. It used to be a ’sports fan’ or a ’sports nut,’ now it’s a geek.

While I’m not quite into Star Trek, Star Wars or World of Warcraft…

Today, I am embracing my love for technology, gadgets, talking geek and raising digital children – my inner geekness.

What is your secret geek love?

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  • sunshineandstarlight

    My secret geek love is the fellows geekers on my lovely work team that teach me about all things 'nerd'. It's true.


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