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Kindergarten Bound. MAYBE. #WorkingMomFail

What working mom totally made a huge #fail?


Okay, totally me. It’s August 16th and my 5-year-old is set to start Kindergarten next MONDAY! 


YAY, NAH, Maybe.

But wait. Apparently, you have to REGISTER your kids for Kindergarten. You can’t just show up on the first day of school, dressed nicely with a back pack. You actually have to fill-out forms and stuff.

Which working mom totally has NOT registered her kid for Kindergarten a week before he’s supposed to start?

Okay, that crazy mom is totally me. I am going to get on it. I am tired. I am stressed. I am all these things, but I do have some excuses for my delay and forgetfulness.

| Kindergarten Bound. MAYBE. #WorkingMomFail

Between a cute and squishy little baby who isn’t quite 6-months old yet.

Exhibit B

I have a full-time job that requires travel. That and this baby mentioned above who is still adapting to being in the real world.

Exhibit B

I can’t forget about these 2 other kids. Z and E are great, but it’s summer and work and baby. YIKES.

Exhibit B

And of course. I won’t forget the most awesome person in my life, my beloved husband. He is Mr. Mom. He keeps it together when I am traveling out of town. He is the one who helps me get the kids out the door and picks them up when needed. Without him, I would be a TOTAL mess.

I forgot.


I procrastinated. Maybe my subliminal mind is delaying so that my little boy won’t go to Kindergarten? How is this 5-year-old ready for big boy school?

Or maybe I’m just too busy.


Lord, please let all fall into place. This working mom will cry if she has to pay for 3 kids in childcare for another week. But then again, this working mom doesn’t want her little boy to go to big kid school either.