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Moms – Do You Create Time For Yourself – ME TIME?

Those words… ME TIME

Being a Mom and Giving Yourself a Break

ME TIME – What does that mean to you?

SO many moms do so much that when we stop and think about what we actually completed, we’re wondering why we aren’t given a cape and superhero name. We aren’t given a vacation from being a mom (nor would we want it!) but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the time WE need for ME.

no time as a working mom

This cartoon from corporate-toons demonstrates perfectly the life of a working mom. The job doesn’t stop at 5 pm – it ONLY begins. Being a mom, working mom or not, is a 24-hour job. Does Your Work-Life Balance Involve Any Me Time for You, the Working Mom? What about stay at home moms – do you find time for yourself? 

So what do YOU do to create time for yourself? Creating time and having a MOMMY TIME-OUT or Me Time will help bring zen to your work-life balance. The hustle and bustle of a stressful job and a circus at home entitles you to quiet.

You can do this me time without money. Take a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood where you can be alone with your thoughts and minus the stresses, take that time to establish YOU. If you feel like pampering yourself, enjoy a pedicure, say yes to the wine when offered and ease your stresses. If money is an issue, don’t let it be. There are plenty of free, low-cost ways to find time for yourself. 

This may require waking up a little earlier for some quiet moments without kids, or sneak out for a walk after the kids go to bed, but whenever your free-time allow you me-time, enjoy it. 

Often times we so lose ourselves as mothers. Between the dirty diapers, the feeding of the mouths and working to help contribute to the family budget, we make no time for ourselves. Change that. You deserve happiness and rest.

We’ve all heard the saying and it rings so true – If Mama Ain’t Happy – Nobody is Happy.

Keep mama happy. Keep the family life-work balance in check. And keep it all together by making yourself take that mommy time out. You deserve it.

What Do You Do To Establish ME TIME or a MOMMY TIME OUT?