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Words with Friends Help

Needing a little Words with Friends help? We are here to be of assistance. Listen, since finding this game back in January – we have been addicted.

Update: If you love Words with Friends, then you must check out the 2022 viral Wordle game.

Words with Friends Help

Our readers have written in with all kinds of Words with Friends questions – so we decided a Words with Friends Help post was in order.

So…. this Words with Friends thing is SLIGHTLY an obsession. I have been running 20 games with various Words with Friends addicts for the last week.

This past week, I recruited a friend (HEY Amanda!) at the office to play. I hope to get a WWF tournament going at work – because apparently I am NOT the only one addicted. The whole office is addicted to this word finder game. I wonder if more work or more WWF are actually happening some days.

Also – our post Words with Friends Cheats is getting hit up all the time – because obviously the popularity of this game is NOT dying anytime soon.

(Update – it’s 2018 and I am checking in on some old posts that are STILL trending. You guys, 8 years of popularity. The Words with Friends app is still going strong!)

Anyways, you are here for Words with Friends help – let’s look at how we can help you. Here are some of our favorite Words with Friends hacks to a better game. including a Words with Friends word list.

Words with Friends Hacks

(BTW still hate you cheaters! just learn new words and use these Words with Friends tips to get ahead instead of cheating. )

words with friends app screen shot from 2010
words with friends help


WWF Tips and Tricks

Here are a few Words with Friends tips and tricks to help you play this word game better.

Play More – Practice Helps!

The more I play, the better I get. The reason I get better is because the tips and tricks you learn.

Game of Strategy

WWF is a game of strategy. You need to develop your own Words with Friends strategy, but hopefully these tips will help.

Use High Valued Tiles

One big must do is learn how to use high valued tiles such as J, Q and Z. Q is worth 10 points as well as J and Z. If you learn to use these right, you will be in point heaven.

Never Start with One Letter

Did you know if you start a game with ONE LETTER you will net ZERO points. It’s just the game, the points on the letter won’t even count, so always start with at least a 2 letter word.

Lay Across for Multiple Words

Try to find opportunities to lay your word tiles across the top of other words to create MULTIPLE words.

Start with a Small Word

Unless you can use ALL of your letter tiles at the beginning of a game, don’t use a big word – try for a 2-4 letter word. While this may not give you an initial lead – we have a strategy. Our strategy is slow and steady and to WIN.

Words with Friends Word List

Curious to what words – Words with Friends accepts, I came across the Words with Friends word list. New Toy has stated they have added a few more words than what is listed and will continue to add words as zen and qi.

Here is a massive Words with Friends word list of over 173,000 words that can be used in WWF games . Originally placed this in the post, but since that crashed my page – I have since just put in a PDF.

  • Download the List

The Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon (ENABLE): Originally released in 1997 and updated in 2000. This list of 173,528 has been in the Public Domain since its release.

7 Letter Words are Called BINGO

Use all 7 letters to create a 7 letter word. That’s called BINGO. If you do have a BINGO – strategically place your letter tiles and maximize your score. You can easily score over 100 points when using a BINGO!

Carefully Save Tiles

I see you saving your letter tiles – well I don’t, but I know I tend to do that. Be careful when you save your tiles. Don’t try to save for a BINGO. Save with caution.

Swapping Tiles

Same goes with swapping tiles. My general rule is never swap a precious “S” – but rules are meant to be broken. It’s best to swap tiles when there are just no more play. I do like to swap all 7 tiles – of course unless I have an “S’ or an “ed’ “er” “ing”.

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