WordPress iPad App

Testing out the WordPress iPad app by typing this post with it. It’s a free app with simple functionality for updating your blog.

This iPad app isn’t for those who must do fancy HTML editing. You can input photos that will insert at the bottom of your post (see example below). Also you have the option to preview, but oddly doesn’t show me the photo.

The WordPress app gives you the ability to input tags and categories, but no custom fields. Another thing that this app does not provide is any WYSIWYG abilities, such as revising font sizes adding links, that’s just annoying.

Geek Term Alert:
What is WYSIWYG?

The definition of WYSIWYG is…
What you see is what you get.

If you use the visual functionality in wordpress, that is WYSIWIG. Same with Adobe Dreamweaver.

Overall, I think this app would be great for starting posts and then finishing later when you have the full set of editing wordpress capabilities in front of you.

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  • Sarah Ann Noel

    I'm so behind–just caught up on comments from last week! You work for Revolve? Would love to chat sometime! You can send me an email on my website–sarahannnoel.com.


  • MaggieB

    As the owner of several WordPress Direct blogs I have to say I am less than thrilled with the WP app. I prefer to do my posting from the wp-admin page, where I have much more control, even from my iPad.

  • Andrea Deckard

    So, I saw this post from you a few weeks ago and was on my ipad and it was taking too long to comment. How ironic is that??!! I haven't downloaded the WP app yet since I could never get it to work right on my iphone. Sounds like it's not worth it. Do you just go through Safari then when you want to visit your wp-admin?

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