NEW Wolf and Sabretooth Tiger Untamed Review and Giveaway

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That’s right, we have new wolf fingerlings and sabre tooth tiger fingerlings or is it Untamed? Regardless, we have NEW FINGERLING review and GIVEAWAY!

New Untamed Fingerlings Toy Review

First and foremost, hello. We have done several Fingerling reviews with our friends at Wowwee. Last week, a new pair of Untamed Fingerling toys arrived and we had to wait until TODAY to tell you about them!

Our boys have been playing with the Dire wolf fingerling and bugging me about the sabretooth tiger fingerling. They just don’t understand this whole thing where I get toys in the mail and they can’t just play with them before I review them thing.

sabretooth tiger fingerling untamed direwolf fingerling review

Anyways, let’s talk about these new toys. First, let’s talk about the wolf. Why the wolf? Because this is the toy I can tell you the most about. 

Dire Wolf Fingerling Untamed

This is the ferocious Untamed wolf Fingerling named Midnight. Midnight is a little bit heavier than the other Fingerlings that we have played with – or so it seems. 

midnight direwolf untamed fingerling review - digital mom blog

UNTAMED Dire Wolves: Meet Midnight & Blizzard, interactive and ferocious wolves with snarling fangs, snapping jaws and gripping claws! In untamed mode, they will howl at the moon! In tame mode, they nuzzle and play like puppies!

What does the Wolf Fingerling do? 

The Wolf Fingerling sits on your finger and he will chomp, growl, react to your touch, moves his head and his eyes!

You want to learn how to tame your untamed toy or else you might get chomped! Don’t worry, no real fingers were eaten or hurt. 

Midnight comes batteries and is ready to play with right out of the box! 

The other direwolf fingerling in the untamed series is named Blizzard. He is white, where as Midnight is well black and gray. 

Sabretooth Fingerling Review

Next up for review we have a Sabretooth tiger. That’s right, in addition to the direwolf fingerling, Wowwee launched a Sabretooth fingerling. 

UNTAMED Sabre Tooth Tigers: Meet Silvertooth & Bonesaw, fierce and unpredictable creatures that know friend vs. foe. In untamed mode, they’ll roar like hungry tigers! In tame mode, they play like kittens. But handle with care because this duo is complete with ferocious fangs, snapping jaws and gripping claws.

sabretooth fingerling review

There are 2 Sabretooth fingerlings in the untamed series. There is Silvertooth and Bonesaw. 

The Sabretooth fingerling makes over 40 sounds! He chomps and growls. He will react to your touch and is alive (not really) but moves his head and eyes – just like direwolf!

Also like the other fingerlings, the toys come with batteries installed. So once you get the toy out of the package your kids (or you) can start playing right away! That’s always a huge win in our house, and I am sure the same can be said for yours. 

Untamed Fingerling Giveaway

You may have seen the video, we are hosting an Untamed Fingerling Giveaway! Our boys don’t need 2 Untamed toys, 1 will do just fine. They unknowingly chose to keep Midnight so that means we are giving away Silvertooth to a friend of Digital Mom Blog!

Here is how you can enter for your chance to win, but first – make sure you subscribe to our newsletter. WHY? because we are hosting several giveaways this holiday season and would love to be able to gift you with one of these fabulous giveaway items but we can’t if you don’t enter. 

Any who, here is how you can enter for your chance to win an Untamed Silvertooth Sabretooth Tiger Fingerling from Wowwee. 

Silvertooth the Sabretooth Tiger Fingerling Giveaway


You can watch our YouTube Untamed Fingerling Review here. Thanks for sending us these new toys, Wowwee! #TheUntamed