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There are certain things that I must KNOW NOW. Do you know what I’m talking about? It’s those things you are antsy in your pantsy to know the answer.  So what do you do? You grab your phone and start searching.

need to know now

With 4 kids, KNOW NOW moments are often.

We need to KNOW NOW what pediatricians are open on Saturday.

We need to KNOW NOW what the school year calendar is.

We need to KNOW NOW where kids eat free on Thursday nights.

We need to KNOW NOW the quickest route to volleyball practice.

We need to KNOW NOW if we should plan for a tornado or if we can go to sleep because it’s just a thunderstorm (we are in Texas.)

Know Now

You get my drift! For your KNOW NOW moments, , grab your phone and visit and get the answers you need NOW.  Microsoft has reimagined the all-new MSN to be 4x faster than other top sites so you can always get in the know. 

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