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What Can Marketers Learn From Mommy Bloggers?

Marketers can learn a lot from Mommy Bloggers. With millions of mom bloggers, marketers are now paying attention to this new platform.

Ty Klisel, a contributor at wrote Does Anyone Really Take Mommy Bloggers Seriously?. In it he writes on what can be learned from the mommy blogging phenomenon.

Blogging as a Career

My career now is in blogging, but up until this past October, I worked for 11 years as a marketer. Being a part of the mommy blogging phenomenon is one thing, but knowing how mommy bloggers work is another.

mommy blogging business

While I don’t necessarily blog all about my children here, I do as I am also a blogger for Disney Babble and Them Kids. Yes, some moms don’t like the title mommy blogger, but you know – at the end of the day, it is what it is. Call me whatever you like, just make sure you take me seriously.

Through the various blogs, I have been able to generate an income allowing this to become a career. Being a blogger means you are running a business. This is not something that a lot of bloggers think about, but in order to be a successful blogger that earns a full-time income – this is a business.

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Why Are Mommy Bloggers Successful Marketers?

Moms are naturally 2 things: connectors and purchasers. When you take those 2 key attributes and put them together, you have what marketers lust for.

Something moms do have going for them is trust. Moms trust others moms opinions. I can’t tell you how many times I have looked up simple advice and taken it from a complete stranger, aka mommy blogger.

Being a Marketer in the Mom Blog Community

I credit much of my online marketing successes in Corporate America, to being a part of the mom blogger community. There is so much value in being able to take what mom bloggers do and apply it to a business that can create tremendous success.

Check out Ty’s article, it has several good points about what can be learned from mommy bloggers.

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