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What Are Teens Hiding Online?

Do you know what teens are doing online, particularly yours? This month is National Internet Safety Month. Keeping your children safe online, includes keeping your teens safe. Have you ever suspected that your teen was hiding something from you online? A new study is out and those teens are sneaky.

What Are Teens Doing Online?

Check out this infographic – are your teens doing this to you? Are your teens viewing x-rated materials online? Have your teens found a way around parental controls? Do you believe that your teen tells you the truth in regards to what they are doing online? This teen behavior infographic might surprise you.

online teen behavior infographic

With 71% of teens hiding their online behavior from their parents – it makes you wonder what they are REALLY up to. I still have a few years until the teenage years hit, thankfully.

Of course, the hope is that your teen is open and honest. Kids have a natural curiosity and when placed in front of an open book that can seemingly give you answers to anything – hey GOOGLE – of course they will be tempted and chances are they will search.

Our philosophy with our kids is to educate before they can be educated else where. When it comes to hard subjects – I want my kids to hear it from me, their mom first, because I know from first hand experience what the world will tell you and the world is not always right.

How do you approach hard hitting subjects with your kids? Are your teens sneaking around behind your back?

via Mashable