Funny Memes about Sleeping


For all of us who know the sleep struggle is real, enjoy these facts and funny memes about sleeping.

Sleep Needed

What is the average amount of sleep an adult needs? 

8.25 Hours

We all need different amounts of sleep.  8.25 hours is the average for adults.   Some people can cope very well with much less and some need much more every night.

Sleep is an active state

We used to think that everything shuts down when we sleep. We were wrong! Scientists have discovered that our brains are very active while we sleep.

Lack of Sleep

Everyone who is very sleepy loses concentration easily and experiences mood changes. 

Sleep Cycles

Sleep changes across the night in cycles of about 90 minutes.   There is REM sleep (dreaming) in every cycle, even if only for a short time.

Why We Sleep

Did you know that even scientists don't know why we sleep! They believe it restores us physically and helps us organize things in our brain. 

Funny Memes

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