7 Best Things About Working From Home


No one like someone watching over your shoulder while you work. From going to the bathroom to getting a cup of coffee - working from home let's you do that on your time

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Work Attire Optional

When you work from home, you can be business on top and pajamas on bottom. That's something you can't do at the office!

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No Desk No Problem

You can put as many nap rooms and couches as you want in an office, but it will never compare to working from your own bed or sofa.

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Did you know there are benefits to bringing your pet to work? When you are at home, so are your pets. They help reduce stress while you are working from home.

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Working from home can increase productivity. A Stanford study of 16,000 workers over 9 months working remote showed an increase of productivity by 13%!

Burn Out

Between the time to commute to an office and the non-stop face-to-face interactions required when in-person, working from home can help ease employee burn out.

Zoom Memes About Video Meeting Humor

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Saving Employees Money

Between not having to pay for gas, eating lunch out, afternoon childcare - employees can save hundreds a month by working from home.

One More Best Things About Working From Home... MEMES!

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