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WD My Cloud EX4100: The Ultimate Solution to Backing Up Your Files & Using a Small SSD

I have to tell you about WD My Cloud EX4100 and how it’s solved 2 major issues in my digital life. First: I am a file hoarder. I just bought a new Macbook Pro and while it has a super fast SSD, it’s tiny in comparison to what I need. My second problem is my old Macbook Pro has 2 hard drives that are full. My kid needs the Macbook for school and can’t use it until I clear all of my photos off of it.

Do you see my problem? Good news, thanks of the folks over at WD – my problem is solved. They sent over a WD My Cloud EX4100 for me to keep and review – whoa, it’s amazing.  This really is the ultimate back-up solution and solution for a small SSD. Let’s take a look at why this device is so awesome.

wd my cloud ex4100

Create Your Own Cloud – Solution for Small SSD

Let’s first talk about how the WD My Cloud solves the small SSD issue. It’s actually really simple. The WD My Cloud acts as your personal cloud. Anytime I go to save a file on my hard drive, I just save it to a folder on the WD My Cloud. It’s super simple and I can now hoard my files on there and leave all the hard drive space on my SSD for applications.

Ultimate File Back Up Solution

Why is the WD My Cloud the ultimate backup solution? First the software is easy peasy to setup – on both Mac and PC. My husband is a PC guy and me a Mac gal. We both were able to install the WD software and have our files backing up in no time.

The WD My Cloud EX4100 comes with 8TB of space. We are able to back up several computers for standard back-ups. My husband is also backing up a few old hard drives we had of photos of the kids. I’ve always wanted ALL photos in one central location and now I have it!

My Cloud

Redundant Backups FTW

So, as great as all of that sounds – there is something that makes this system even more magical. The WD My Cloud EX4100 comes with TWO 8TB hard drives. Yes, it creates redundant back-ups. What does this mean? It means if one of your hard drives goes out – you have nothing to fear because there is a back up of your back up.

I can’t tell you how many times we have had hard drives go out. Knowing that there is a back up of a back up – especially when entrusting a hard drive with every photo memory of your 4 children – yeah that’s good to know.

More about the WD My Cloud

Sure you can back up your data to the cloud with a back-up service, but with WD My Cloud the data is on your own personal cloud, not on some random server.

You get massive storage that offers a ton of capacity for your content.

You can access your files on your My Cloud from anywhere.

You can retrieve and upload files from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

There are NO recurring fees!

Backup is FAST! We are backing up a 500gb hard drive as I type!

(Psst, I learned something geeky. NAS means network attached storage – now you too are in the know.)

Nikki K

Tuesday 5th of May 2015

I Really wish I had one of these 8 months ago, before my computer died on me. Now I Really want one now so it won't happen again :)

Ellen Casper

Sunday 3rd of May 2015

Love that it has 8TB of space.

Arlene DOmkowski

Friday 1st of May 2015

It would give me peace of mind


Saturday 25th of April 2015

I hope I win! My husband works in the IT field and would be so thrilled to have this!

Nicole Dziedzic

Wednesday 22nd of April 2015

I love the features on this. Awesome that it has Two 8TB hard drives. Would love this to secure my photos and important files.