Watching Baby – Choosing the Best Baby Monitor

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Purchasing a baby monitor is no longer as easy as deciding if you want one receiver or two. Today’s baby monitors feature everything from video capability to monitoring of the baby’s room temperature and humidity.

After researching, debating and my husband finally saying "just CHOOSE one" – we settled on The Bambino by Seedonk.

The Bambino Baby Monitor

The Bambino baby monitor is actually a wireless web cam. The video stream is fed thru Seedonk’s website. The video feed is viewed thru the Seedonk application. You can assign which users you want to view the video stream. Anyone can sign-up for a Seedonk account, so Grandma can view your parenting skills thru this baby monitor.

We decided on the Bambino because multiple computers can connect to view the baby’s video stream. We have multiple computers in the house. We can quickly view on any computer what the baby is doing. My husband can also log in when he’s in the office. The baby montiors with 1 video screen (such as several of the Summer monitors), our baby watching would be confined to 1 location. With the Bambino, we can watch anywhere.

Seedonk also offers a iPhone app (yes, an iPhone app that works as a baby monitor!). The quality isn’t all that great, but it works!

Another great feature of the Bambino baby monitor is the Seedonk desktop application. The app let’s you take a snap shot of your baby, as well record a video. Here is an example – our baby web cam is placed in the crib (hence the crib view).

The Bambino Baby Monitor

Overall, we are very happy with our baby monitor choice. We did end up putting in a traditional, non-fancy baby monitor in his room to wake us up since the laptop shuts down at night, therefore closing our web baby monitoring!

Here are the Pro’s and Con’s of The Bambino


  • Watch baby from any location
  • Night-vision feature
  • Price – $139.99 at
  • Photo and video taking capabilities
  • Clear picture and sound


  • Depends on wireless connection (no internet, no baby monitoring!)
  • A dongle must be attached to a computer to receive wireless transfer (we were able to put the dongle in the desktop downstairs and solved most of the con)
  • Not a full-time solution. As I stated above, we don’t keep our laptop up all night, therefore we had to have a back-up solution.

After using the monitor for the last 10 weeks, I will say I am happy we went with The Bambino. Especially after hearing from a friend that with the Summer Video monitor, they were able to see their neighbors video feed since they also had that monitor! WHOOPS.

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10 thoughts on “Watching Baby – Choosing the Best Baby Monitor”

  1. I love my video baby monitor. My son is on the other side of the house from me and at night it is really reassuring to be able to see him without having to risk going into his room. I found a great site that gave me a lot of helpful information about different frequencies and how to avoid sound/video interference. The site is called

  2. This is amazing! And the price has gone down to $99! I instantly added it to my wishlists. As if I didn't love my iPhone enough already 😉

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