Review: VIZIO SmartCast Wireless Sound Bar System

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VIZIO sent me the new 2017 36″ 5.1 VIZIO SmartCast Wireless Sound Bar System for review. All opinions are my own.

Looking for something to surprise the geek dad with this Father’s Day? Here’s what me and the kids surprised our favorite dad nerd with – a VIZIO SmartCast. Our friend’s at VIZIO sent us the latest VIZIO SmartCast Wireless Sound Bar (SB3651-E6) for review. Rather than telling my husband, I decided to surprise him with the new setup. 

VIZIO SmartCast Wireless Sound Bar System Review

We have the VIZIO M-Series SmartCast display in our bedroom. While any TV that connects to bluetooth can use the VIZIO sound bar – I decided to setup the new audio system with the SmartCast display. My husband and I watch TV the most in our bedroom, so this made total sense. 

Vizio Smartcast Wireless Sound Bar ReviewAbout The 36″ 5.1 VIZIO SmartCast Wireless Sound Bar System

Our Sound Bar is the 36″ 5.1 VIZIO SmartCast Wireless Sound Bar System. Here are the tech specs:

  • The Sound Bar is 36″
  • System Frequency Response 50 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Subwoofer Speaker Size 5.2″
  • Sound Pressure Level 101dB
  • Sound Enhancement Technology Dolby Digital®, DTS Studio Sound™, DTS TruSurround™, DTS TruVolume™, DTS Digital Surround™
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Sound Bar Buttons: Power, Input, Volume Up, Volume Down, Bluetooth
  • Remote Control Has LCD Display (or just use your smart phone, more on that – keep reading!)
  • Installation: Table Top and Wall-Mountable
  • Warranty: One Year Parts & Labor
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support

Price: $249.99 available at VIZIO

Setup and Installation

Now here is the deal. While I know my tech, what I have is a secret weapon. My husband usually is the one to put the tech together. Whether it’s a drone or a television, I give it to him to do the install, then I get to play. Seeing that this audio system was for him – I decided to take on the installation challenge.

vizio satellite speakerThe speaker setup works as such. You habe the VIZIO SmartCast sound bar, a wireless subwoofer, and 2 satellite speakers. The system also comes with:

  • remote control with 2x AAA batteries
  • stereo RCA to 3.5 mm audio cable
  • 3mm to 3mm audio cable
  • coaxial audio cable
  • HDMI cable
  • 2 satellite speaker audio cables
  • digital optical cable
  • 2 power cables
  • 4 wall mount screws
  • 2 wall mount brackets (for the satellite speakers)
  • 2 wall mount brackets (for the sound bar)
  • wall mount template
  • quick start guide
  • 4 cable ties

I was a bit overwhelmed, but everything was super organized and the quick start guide did it’s job, guiding me thru what to do when and how. Though, I’ll admit – the wireless sound bar and satellite speakers aren’t wall mounted as of yet. We recently moved our bedroom configuration and need to mount the TV. 

For the best surround sound experience, position the sound bar goes centered below the TV (ideally ear level,) the left surround speaker goes to the left, the right to the right and the subwoofer connects to the left surround speaker. 

From start to finish, I had the surround sound system installed in our bedroom in under 30 minutes. 

Using Your Tablet or Smartphone as a Remote

You can download the VIZIO SmartCast app and turn your smartphone into a remote to control your sound bar! If you have the VIZIO SmartCart display, you are in luck – as the app works with both! App setup was super simple to pair and setup. 

It’s Not Just for Your TV!

You aren’t just limited to using your VIZIO SmartCast Wireless Sound Bar for your television. I use mine to listen to Pandora. It’s essentially a bluetooth speaker, so great sound isn’t just for movies and TV shows. 

Vizio Smartcast Wireless Sound Bar under TVWhat I HAVEN’T done YET – is hooked my alarm clock to the Vizio SmartCast sound bar for a VERY LOUD wake-up jam session. Keyword, yet. OH, i’ve thought about it many times. Someday 🙂

Great Sounding Audio From All Angles

The sound from theVIZIO SmartCast display was decent. I can say that woah, after hooking up the SmartCast Wireless Sound Bar – there is no comparison. Now our movies come at us from all angles. The bass rumbles the bed (the subwoofer is strategically placed.) Adding the sound bar makes the movies and television viewing an immersive experience. 

If you are in the market for a sound bar, want to up the quality of audio on your television or perhaps are looking for a great gift for dad – check out the VIZIO SmartCast Wireless Sound Bar System. 

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