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Free Garmin VivoKeeper for VivoFit Owners

I have had my Garmin Vivofit fitness tracker for around 6 months now. I sadly thought it was gone for good for around 2 months. One day I was digging thru a box in the garage and there it was. It’s been on my wrist ever since.

Garmin VivoFit 

I really do love this fitness tracker – mostly because in 6 months, I have still yet to have to charge it! That’s right, 6 months and the battery is still running strong.

The ONLY thing that I haven’t liked about it, is it tends to fall off. Not all the time, but a few times a week and it’s really annoying. To make matters worse, my toddler has found to make me mad, he can unsnap it from my wrist. UGH.

Well, apparently I’m not the only one who doesn’t like this about the VivoFit. I received an email today that I can receive a FREE Garmin VivoKeeper.


What is a VivoKeeper?

garmin vivokeeper

This is what I’ve learned from the email Garmin sent:

We know you do more than walk. You run; hike; climb; and do things only some of us dream about  that’s why we’re offering you this free vívokeeper.

vívokeeper is an easy-to-place black clasp that keeps vívofit securely on your wrist, no matter where your days activities lead you.

To get your free vívokeeper, simply select your locale 1 and follow the onscreen instructions. Your free vívokeeper is estimated to arrive in 4-6 weeks (if shipped to you). We know the vívokeeper is pretty cool, but we must limit you to one per person.

From what I am understanding, it’s a little black clasp that helps secure your Garmin VivoFit keeping it from falling off.

SCORE! And better yet, Garmin is providing a free Vivokeeper to all Vivofit owners. Register here if you own a VivoFit.

Lena cooper

Monday 7th of December 2015

Purchasing the vivofit was an excellent choice to motivate me to move; however the last month or so it continoisly falls from the band. This has been the second band within six months. It drops without warning How can I correct this problem?