Virtual Birth Control

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Looking for virtual birth control? I’ve got your answer right here.

Virtual Birth Control

virtual birth controlThese are my 4 kids How I love them, especially at this moment in time when they are sound asleep.

The above video was taken with the Vine app last week at the dinner table. 1 started, then another… within 30 seconds everyone was doing it. They do this in the car too. And we are planning a few road trips this summer… can you imagine 10+ hours of this in a car?  The noise is what I would think that an alien would make.

Whenever you are thinking, hmm.. do we want to add a kid or add a new kid – just come back to this post and inhale what 4 kids at the dinner table is like.

Note: This birth control does not protect against STDS.

Another note: I really do love being a mom, and yes – am glad that I have 4.

Yet another note: Isn’t it funny how the internet makes me feel like I have to defend everything I post, ugh.

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