Viral Videos 2015: Watch a House Be Turned Into a Plastic Ball Pit!

Roman Atwood has done it again with the latest viral video stunt – Plastic Balls in the HOUSE! I love his sense of humor and whimsy.  Could you imagine loading up a 18-wheeler full of plastic balls and flooding your house with them? My kids WOULD DIE! Before I saw anymore, just watch the video for yourself.

Doesn’t this look like SO MUCH FUN! I don’t know if I could stomach jumping over the balcony, but just goes to show how many freaking plastic balls he had in his house!

My question is, how did the clean up go? I guess when you are making that kind of bank on YouTube with a series of viral videos, cleaning up isn’t your job, ha. Also noted: the wife isn’t upset, she has fun and rolls with it.

Go live date: January 18, 2015
Views on January 21, 2015: 11,355,215

Life is too short people, have fun and make your house into a ball pit. Okay, so MAYBE you like the idea of a ball pit, but millions of plastic balls make you fearful. No worries, start small. We use to make the kids’ play pen into a ball pit, also their bouncy house. You can pick up a pack of 100 or 200 on Amazon – the kids will LOVE YOU.

plastic balls

Viral Video 2015: Turn Your House Into a Gigantic Ball Pit

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