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Viral Video Done Right – OK GO (yes, again!)

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A few days ago, I received 2 emails forwarding the new OK GO – This To Shall Pass video. Their initial viral video sucked me into being a fan. This band gets it. Viral videos can make you. And they don’t just do it, they go ALL out.

Ok Go - This To Shall Pass - Viral Video

OK Go Viral Video

When I initially showed this to my husband, I noticed it only had 8,000ish views. I told Sean, let’s check it in a few days. Well here I sit, writing a blog post and watching Anderson Cooper – he just mentioned this. I went and watched again – WHAM 2,095,808 views! And by the time I post this – that number will rise even higher.

Having a husband and son who LOVE Rube Goldberg machines, made this video even more popular in our casa. My 4 year old watched it at least 3x, paying attention to each detail and making silly comments. My husband it busy trying to figure out how a effects b – and as for me and Z, we just love the music.

Syyn labs, a creative engineer group helped put this together, as well as SUPER clever marketing sponsor State Farm. Notice the truck in the opening?

State Farm logo, then the thank you at the end. Brilliant partnerships all around, but State Farm, who would of thunk they could make this fit? Taking chances with unlikely partnerships pays off!

If you haven’t watched the first huge viral video from Ok Go – check it out here. This launched their career, sold millions of records and who even knows how much money they are making from YouTube marketing. This video currently has 49,925,634 views!

If you are going to do it, go all in or stay home. Everyone wants this type of success – but it takes risk and not conforming to the man to make it happen.

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