I Can Hear You NOW! With My Verizon iPhone 4

So I did it. After breaking the glass on my iPhone 3G and my husband buying a DroidX on Verizon – we made the JUMP!

Finally, so happy together on a family plan made for 2 – on VERIZON! So what what! what does that mean? YAY for me I finally have my Apple iPhone 4, 7 months late and I HEART IT! Oh and we are saving about $125 a month by having 1 plan.

iphone 4 verizon

Ain’t it purdy?

My Favorite Thing About the iPhone 4:

THE PHOTO QUALITY! I can stop lugging my Canon EVERYWHERE since this purty little thing will snap great photos. Sure it’s not all fancy but sure does a heck of a lot better and more crisp than the 3G!

My LEAST Favorite Thing About the iPhone 4:

I cannot STAND that everytime I go to take a photo that HELLO – I get a lovely glimpse of myself with a concerned look thinking WHAT? OH that’s right  *push switch camera button*

Facetime BABY!

I also am digging Facetime.  While I had it on my iMac and Macbook Pro – now I have my kids calling me all the time and I can answer. Which usually is when they are in the room next to me. My favorite Facetime convo was this past Saturday morning I get a Facetime call. It’s Z with E LURKING in the background.


“Yes, Z?”

“When are you going to feed us BREAKFAST”


And so I’m sure we’ll continue to find more intercom type uses for Facetime as time goes on.

What About the iPhone 5?

So funny you should ask.  Waiting for the new iPhone 5 was something I considered, but antsy pantsy over here didn’t want to wait. The husb had a plan. Get Molly an iPhone 4 and then allow her to upgrade at a minimal cost. BUT HOW?

Best Buy Buy Back Program

We purchased the Verizon iPhone 4 thru Verizon at Best Buy.  Best Buy just launched a buy back program.  For a limited time – the mobile phone plan is FREE!

Here is how it works.

We bought our iPhone 4 February 14th. If we return it within 6 months for an upgrade to the iPhone 5 (or another phone) – I will automatically receive 50% of the RETAIL price of the phone to apply to a new phone!

What’s even sweeter is that we only paid $199 for the iPhone 4 – but it retails for $599. SO I’ll get $298 back to use towards the upgrade of the phone – which is the iPhone 5 retails for $599 – I’ll only have to pay $298 AND not have to extend my contract. WOOHOO! Score!

OR if I can sell my iPhone 4 and make more than $298 I can just do that, but it does give me that extra option in case the iPhone 5 comes out and I don’t have to pay full price. No buyer’s remorse.

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