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Using Google Alerts

google alerts

Have you ever heard of Google Alerts? Google offers this nifty service that will update you via email anytime something hits the interwebs about a particular subject that you are looking for.

This service is from Google, so of course it’s free.

Google gives you several options so that you inbox isn’t bombarded and to give you the most accurate content that you could want on the particular subject you are looking for.

How to Setup a Google Alert


Choose a Result type

Choose where you want to receive information from. Here are the options that Google gives you.

  • Everything – anything and everything that comes through on the subject you are looking for
  • News
  • Blogs
  • Video
  • Discussions
  • Books

How Often

How often do you want Google to alert you?

  • As-it-happens
  • Once a day
  • Once a week

How Many

How many results do you want to receive?

  • Only the best results
  • All results

Deliver to

Type in your email and you are set!

Click Create Alert

It’s as simple as that!

What To Use Google Alerts For

Incoming Links

Track incoming links to your website.

Brands, Companies and Competition

Google Alerts are fabulous for brand monitoring. You can find out who is talking about your brand or company immediately with Google’s help. Google alerts are also helpful in finding out what your competition is up to.


Want the low down on a particular news item? Just setup a Google alert!


Track sales on a certain item. If you are looking for a particular specific technology item, such as new tablet or computer – that you don’t want to purchase until it goes on sale – create a Google alert.

Do You Use Google Alerts? What For?