Dear Twitter, Here Is My Wish List of Improvements

Dear Twitter

Dear Twitter,

You are apart of my every day. Some days, more so than email! While for the most part I LOVE YOU, there area few things I wish you would change. I think of you as a virtual friend, and after reading this from Seth Godin, I thought I’d egg you on and demand the best from you:

Real world friends are hard to find and hard to change.

But virtual friends?

If your online friends aren’t egging you on…

If your online friends don’t spread the word about the work you’re doing…

If your online friends aren’t respectfully challenging your deeply held beliefs…

If your online friends don’t demand the best from you…

Then perhaps you need new online friends.


See Seth’s full post here.

While typically I use Tweetie or Hootsuite – some improvements to the interface would not frustrate me when I come to visit.

So Twitter, here are my recommended updates:

Show Me How Many People Mention Me Since My Last Login

Tweet Mentions

On my right nav in Twitter – show me how many people have mentioned me since my last login. This will help so that I make sure to respond to all those who mention me.

Mass Deleting of Direct Messages

Deleting Direct Twitter Messages

Okay, so yes I know that if I had just started deleting these when I receive a direct message – this problem wouldn’t exist. But it does, so help me fix it. There is not a way thru your interface to delete direct messages in bulk. This annoys me.

On a happy note – I did find a work around by using a Firefox Bookmarklet called DM Wacker. This will delete your Twitter direct messages in bulk.

Listing All My Friends to Send a Direct Message

Sending Direct Twitter Messages

I only see a short list of those I follow (and that follow me back) listed on the direct message screen. While yes, I know I can type d <twitter handle> in the prompt, I have a HUGE fear of sending something private to the world.

Tweet Archive by Dates

There really isn’t an effective way to search tweets by a particular date. Often I’ll read a tweet and then remember it days later. Trying to fish for it is a joke. By organizing tweets in a way to search archival posts, you would greatly simplify the process of searching and eliminate my frustrations of "now where is that link."

Notification at Login

Tweet - Since Your Last Login

Each time I login, if there was mention of new direct messages or mentions at the top – it would allow another way to keep on top of the latest from people who are tweeting you directly.

While I know Twitter emails you your direct messages – my emails always seem to land in spam.

So Twitter, I still love you. I say these things with a caring heart. You are doing a great job so far, but there is more to improve on.

Your Virtual Friend,

Digital Mom

P.S. What updates to Twitter would you like to see improved?

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