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Trying to Be a Morning Person

The typical me is up to 2am. Some people are wired to be morning people – I am wired to be a night owl. I’ve always loved staying up late. I recall as a young child staying up all hours of the night to watch I Love Lucy and Nick at Night.

I thrive at night when it comes to working. For the last 9 years, since I’ve been a parent it’s how I can work. Being up with a quiet house let’s my creativity flow, but there is a hiccup. I now have 4 kids. 2 of which are naturally morning people and another that has to be out the door to be at school by 7:30 (yes, things to check into before you buy a house near a school that starts that early!).

trying to be a morning person

So here I am, the last few weeks surviving on 4 hours or so hours of sleep a night. While I do get the occasional 30 minutes to nap, it’s rare these days. So when I read Michael Hyatt’s post yesterday about How to Be a Morning Person – something clicked. This is something I need to be, or at least try to be for my kids and well my well-being.

Trying to Be a Morning Person Isn’t Easy

This morning, I woke up – made my coffee and then realized I didn’t have enough time to work. That’s fine, I’ll get the kid ready for school. Which then led to another kid waking up.

Me trying to change a diaper was catastrophic as I smeared diaper rash cream all over his leg which led to him getting on his face, in his ears and eyes. I tried to make a school lunch which took me 15 minutes because of my sleepiness.

Trying to make cereal for breakfast seemed so hard as I fumbled and struggled to stay awake. 

But I tried! I may not be a morning person naturally like 2 of my kids (whose kids are these??) – but I’m trying. I need to learn to sleep and embrace it.

If I wake up early enough, the house will be silent and I can work then. My body will adapt. Slowly. Surely. Hopefully.  I can at least try.

Today at Babble I’m talking about the 5 gadgets that make my morning easier – what gadgets do you use to ease your mornings?