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Tornado Warning App from Red Cross

With all of the crazy weather, let me urge you to download the Tornado Warning app from Red Cross.  Moore, OK had approximately 15 minutes notice to take shelter before the tornado destroyed their town. In severe weather, you have to be on guard – alert and have a plan.  Often times, the TV may not be on – or you are not in front of a computer and when severe weather is in your area, you need to know.

Tornado Warning App from Red Cross

The Red Cross Tornado Warning app will alert you to potential dangers.  It allows you to setup alerts and even if the app is closed, it will alert you to tornado watches or warnings in your area.

tornado warning app

The free app serves multiple purposes.  While the main function is to alert you of potential danger, such as a tornado watch or tornado warning – it also serves as a teaching guide to show you what to do in the event of danger. This app is loaded with information and helpful tools in the event of a tornado or other disaster.

Here is what is included with the free Red Cross app:

My favorite feature has to be the tornado alerts.  You can setup multiple locations, so say if you want to know if where your husband works or kids go to school goes into a tornado watch or warning mode you can do so.

tornado danger alert

  • Simple step-by-step instructions to help you know what-to-do even if the cell towers and TVs are down. Prioritized actions for before, during, and after requires no mobile connectivity.
  • Red Cross location-based open shelters map for when you need it most.
  • Reduce your household’s stress and anxiety should a tornado hit by learning to make and practice an emergency plan.
  • Be ready should a tornado hit by learning how to assemble an emergency kit for your family in the event of power outage or evacuation.
  • Preloaded content means you have instant access to all safety information at anytime, even without reception or an Internet connection.
  • Know the difference between a tornado warning and a tornado alert.
  • Interactive quizzes allow you to earn badges that you can share with your friends and show off your tornado knowledge.
  • Know how many tornadoes have occurred in your area.
  • Learn how to deal with food and water impacted by floods and power outages.

Tornado Emergency Toolkit

emergency toolkit app

In the event of a tornado, there is a built-in toolkit that will turn your smart phone into emergency tools. The included emergency tools include:


This will turn on your LED light, allowing your smart phone to be a flashlight.

toolkit in the redcross tornado app

Strobe Light

The strobe light function will flash the LED light.


The alarm will create a loud pulsating sound.

Test Siren

The test siren will alert you to what the tornado warning sound is that is built into the app.

I’m Safe

Let your friends and family know you are safe.  This app function allows you to add a safe message, add recipients and share via Facebook, Twitter, message or email.

Make a Plan

The Make a Plan feature walks your thru creating an action plan. Determine who will do what, determine a meet-up plan in the event that your family is seperated, add emergency contacts that are out-of-area and an evacuation point.  In teh event that you have to evacuate, where will you go.  Possibly this is a hotel/motel, family member’s home or a shelter.

Red cross tornado app

Download the Free Tornado App

Downloading the app is SUPER easy, free AND available for BOTH iOS and Android.

Stay Safe and Be Prepared

Stay safe and be prepared!  I know as a mom to 4 kids and 2 dogs – just a few hours south of the Moore, OK tornado damage, I am on high alert.  We’ve cleared out our stairwell closet and have pulled out making old crib mattresses accessible in the event we go into tornado safety mode!

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