Top Christmas Toys For 2010 – iPhones!

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Every year it’s a new toy that is the MUST HAVE top Christmas toy.

In 2009, it was ZhuZhu Pets.

Hot Christmas Toy for 2009 - Zhu Zhu Pets

In 2008, it was Tickle Me Elmo LIVE! and the Wii.

So what is the Top Christmas Toy for 2010?

The Apple iPhone 4!

Hot Christmas Toy for 2010 - The iPhone 4?

I can see the eye rolls now. iPhones? TOY? WHAT?

Well, my dear friends over at Fast Company (don’t you love that, I mean they did link to my blog ONCE with one word, RIDICULE – and I am name dropping them like we are BFF’s). Anyways. Fast Company just posted How Steve Jobs Stole Christmas–Apple Products Top of Every Kid’s Wish List

Here are the deets, though I do have to say that I would totally expect U.S. kids to be way more spoiled rotten than U.K. kids. This survey was taken in the U.K.

Out of 2,000 children that Duracell polled, the TOP toy on their wishlist was (drumroll please) the iPhone 4.

The top three must-haves for kids aged between 5 and 16 were: iPhone 4, an iPod Touch and the iPad.

Here is the break down of what percentage in each age range had an Apple product topping their wish list

  • 17% of 5 to 8 year old children wanted something Apple
  • 50% of 9 to 12 year old children wanted something Apple
  • 66% of 13 to 16 year old children wanted something Apple

Crazy. Apple FTW!

I am slowly making the shift to using Apple products. It’s a costly shift, but Apple’s are what lasts and are now the academic standard.

Side note, similar but different:

Apples, kids, macs

Apple is on the rise. The iPhone is changing how we work, live and more. It’s also to see the Apple MacBook rise in popularity.

Interesting read on how Apple is taking over at College campuses with Macs.

What Is On Your Wishlist for Christmas? What Are Your Kids Wanting?