Toms Shoes Gives Away 1 MILLIONth Pair of Shoes!

TOMS - shoes for tomorrow

I’ve mentioned my love for Toms Shoes.

I love Toms for more than the shoes. It’s the company, the owner, the purpose, the message – all of the above.

And then I learn that Toms gave out it’s millionth pair of shoes last week.

1 MILLION pairs of shoes.

That is 1,000,000 people who’s lives have been changed by someone who they will never know purchasing something that they take for granted.



The Power of Cause Marketing

This leaves me pondering on how I can change the world thru an entrepreneurial act.  The movement of  Cause Marketing is something that I wish all companies would evaluate and figure out how to do, use and help change the world with corporate power (just don’t go creating knock off shoes that looks just like Toms).

Until I figure that little ditty out, I’ll keep buying Toms and keep preaching one for one.

Toms Shoes


Random Fact About Toms Shoes – The Tom Behind Toms

Everyone thinks there’s a Tom behind Toms Shoes, NOPE. The name came from the idea to create “shoes for tomorrow.”  Tomorrow’s Shoes wouldn’t fit on the tag so  they shortened it to TOMS.

Toms Shoes Coupon Code – Save $5 Off a Pair of Toms Shoes

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