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5 Tips to Help Teach Toddler How to Share

Toddler Sharing – 2 words that don’t seem to go together well during the toddler years!

With 2 toddlers, the constant need for teaching our toddlers to share is a need for this mama.

2 toddler sharing - 5 tips to teaching your tots to share

Our youngest kids are 2 boys that are 16 months apart. Both are toddlers and to say that the days aren’t crazy would be a lie. It’s nuts around here.

Toddler Days

From trying to sleep train with a toddler clock, to teach toddler sharing – this whole parenting thing isn’t for the weak.

 Here are a few tips we’ve learned over the years when it comes time to help teach your child to learn to share. (We have 2 older kids that we went thru this with and countless nieces and nephews!)

It’s begun. Toddler sharing. Toddler doesn’t want to share. It’s not even his TOY! The first night was spent putting Zeke on the horse and then watching Izaiah try to push him off.

5 Tips to Help Teach Toddler Sharing

Oh the JOYS, we’ll talk about fighting some other time – today we are talking about children and sharing and how to teach sharing. Here are 5 tips to help teach toddler sharing.

sharing is caring

1.  Help Your Toddler Understand What Sharing Is

While it’s easy to instantly yell “LET YOUR BROTHER PLAY WITH THE TOY!” Make sure that your toddler understand what is exactly wanted. Explain what sharing is, and practice sharing your things with your child (unbreakable things preferably).

2. Learn By Example

Show your toddler what sharing is. Maybe take up a toy of your own and “share” it with your child.

3. Stop Before Overreacting

While yes sharing can be an issue, is it severe enough to punish? That’s your call. Try to show disappointment and explain why you aren’t happy rather than throwing in time out first. (GUILTY of this!)

4. Talk it UP!

If you know of a situation that is coming up that will require you child to share, talk it UP! “Chase is coming over and you guys get to play with your toys! Chase is going to love playing with the rocking horse.” Prepare your child in advance and set the stage to help prevent that word…. “MINE!”

5. If Toy Sharing Becomes Too Much

While eventually your child should learn to share his or her toys – but if sharing doesn’t come easily to your child and is causing issues with playdates, try engaging in other things like activities.

Ask your child to share crayons or paper – start simple then work up to sharing the Dancing Mickey Mouse doll or Hot Wheels.

{ Children and Sharing is part of the Digital Mom Blog series Toddler Talk }

Toddler sharing. It’s not easy, but can be learned!

How Do You Teach Your Children To Learn To Share?