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Toddler Round Up – Week of August 28th

toddler round-up

Another week – another toddler round-up!

We ended the summer with a bang and while I was stoked to get the kids in preschool – come to find out there was a slight misunderstanding (boo).  The preschool in which I registering at informed me there were a few openings, and asked for the boys names and birth dates, parent information – the standard. I gave them to the registrar and she informed me “Great, I have them on the list!”.  AWESOME! right? Well not so much.

I started thinking, wait – she didn’t tell me what days the boys were enrolled! I sent an email “Hi! Could you tell me what days the boys will be attending?” to be disappointed in the reply of “We don’t have any openings. They are on the waiting list.” Wait. Waiting list? No one told me of a stinkin’ waiting list.

The more I thought about it, with the upcoming move – it would probably be best we just hold off until we know where are location will be. I know we will be in the vicinity but here in the Dallas burbs – that could mean a 30 minute drive. No and thank you.

So for now, I’m looking into someone coming to the house – though ultimately I’d love for the boys to be interacting with other kids and learning.

Here are the toddlers this week:

zeke and izaiah aug 28

Zeke and his last bottle, ever. I wasn’t planning on this being the last bottle but alas it was. The hubs threw all of the nipples in the trash and rounded up all of the bottles/lids for hand me downs. This makes me so sad, but hey there is now room in the sippy cup kitchen cabinet.

Izaiah decided that he needed chop sticks. Since he couldn’t find the chop sticks, he just decided to use skewers. I guess that works? It kept him entertained and they actually worked amazingly well for french toast. I didn’t find one single piece on the kitchen floor (on his side of the table, Zeke’s side is another story!).

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