Toddler Jumping Out of Crib – HELP!

I have a plan kid, and it doesn’t involve you leaving your crib for another 5 months – understand?

Apparently our youngest, Zeke didn’t get the memo. We need him in his crib for 5 more months. Why? Well that’s a big hairy post for another time, but let’s just say it involves moving and me not wanting to move him into a bed yet. Plus, Zeke is our baby – we let him get into a big boy bed and then what? NO MORE BABIES! WAH!

toddler crib jumping

Toddler Crib Jumping

So for the last few weeks, our 4 year old Izaiah will go into Zeke’s room and throw a TON of stuffed animals, blankets, etc into his crib in which Zeke then steps on top of them and hops out of the crib onto a box that Izaiah strategically places beneath the crib. It’s highly organized toddler crime. One toddler helping another toddler jump out of the crib.  I have witnessed this first hand on our video baby monitor – and was mortified.

toddler crib jumping

Then this weekend happened.

Zeke decided he didn’t need all the excess stuff, nor Izaiah’s help to get out of the crib. He just hopped right over, fell on to the hard floor – started screaming, but then ran downstairs and asked for candy. WTH KID! WTH!

This wasn’t in the plan. I just have to say that again. I don’t know what he is thinking. I don’t even want to think about moving him beds. UGH.

On one hand, I have to totally be thankfully that it’s taken him this long to get up the nerve to hop over the jail wall (aka crib). This is video of Izaiah. He was a crib hopper at a very early age.

For now, I am just crossing my fingers that this KID will actually listen to us and not continually jump the crib. I don’t really have a plan B on this one – because I refuse to lose!

Help a mama out – any suggestions on what to do with a toddler jumping out of the crib?  (that doesn’t involve putting him in a bed!)

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  • Nicole

    This Etsy shop that may be useful. Has upcycled sleepwear with a sewn-in band between the legs to prevent kids from swinging their leg over the crib rail to get out.

  • Gena

    YIKES! I don’t have a solution….but we kept our middle child in a crib past three, even though he could get out. We just made the fall on the other side a little softer by moving it beside his brother’s bed. 😛 I think they still need that security of the rails, but what do I know? Hope he stays in bed for you!!

  • Shannon Schmid

    No advice here, our daughter stayed in her crib until way after we thought she would. But I think the sleepers someone suggested above are so funny! Who knew people were using that!

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