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5 Tips for Surviving Toddler Haircuts

Toddler Haircuts – those words make my brain itch (yes, that’s possible – because I said so).

Both of our toddlers are in need of a haircut. This will be Zeke’s first haircut. Izaiah’s hair is looking shaggy in a not cute way, so looks like it’s time to head to the local kid hair salon for a hair whacking.

Having 3 boys with very thick hair, so needless to say I feel like we are getting haircuts every week (more like every 6 weeks). It can be a source of pain for this mom. 

5 Tips for Surviving Toddler Haircuts

We all want our cute toddler to well, remain cute while getting a haircut. It ain’t gonna happen. Well it might, but doubtful. Let’s look at some ways to help the situation. 

Here are some things I’ve learned along the way in regards to toddler haircuts. 



Tips for Toddler Haircuts

1. Make Sure Your Toddler is Fed and Rested

A happy fed toddler is a lot easier to calm down and keep still than a tired hungry toddler. Try to bring your toddler when he is in his best mood (I see you rolling your eyes).

2. Prepare Your Toddler For the Haircut

toddler haircut needed

I have found that if I get my toddler in the right mindset for getting a hair cut, it helps a lot more than if I just spring on a surprise trip. Also, maybe not using the word “hair cut” maybe “hair trim” might make the situation better. Cut is just not a good word in a toddler’s mind.

Make the hair cut place an exciting adventure. LIE and make it the best place ever, not the germ-infested kiddie scream fest that it actually is.

3. Kids Hair Salon

We have tried several hair cut places and at the end of the day, we’re sticking to kid hair salons from now on. Yes, they do cost a bit more but the truth of the matter is, they work only with

toddler haircuts at snip its kids hair cut

Toddler Haircuts Near Me

Snip-It’s is one of the kid hair cut places we frequent. They are good with kids and know how to handle melt downs and moving heads.  Plus, the kid hair salon we go to has a TV, videos, video games and what not to keep your child entertained. Oh and don’t forget the fun race car they get to sit in while getting their hair cut!

FInd a Kid Salon

We took our oldest son to a generic hair cut place when he was 2. The man was SO MEAN to my son, screaming at him, and holding his head down like he was a dog. Let’s just say it didn’t end pretty. My son feared getting his hair cut for the longest time.

Call your kid hair salon and find out if they have discount days. They also offer an after-school special on certain days as well as home school discounts. We don’t home school but since we can go mid-day, we save $5 on the hair cut. $5 x 3 is $15 – and that my friends is a cute pair of flats from Target, or a manicure.

And if You Don’t Go To A Kids Salon…

If you don’t have a kids hair salon near you, or prefer to go to another hair stylist, do make the experience as fun as possible. I read somewhere a recommendation to put stickers all over your child’s clothes once they sit down for a haircut. That will help distract them for what is about to happen.

Another suggestion is to bring a Bumbo for your toddler to sit in. Make sure you hold them, but the Bumbo chairs act as a great booster, especially if the hair salon doesn’t frequent kids.

Come up with a creative way to engage your child with the water and the clippers. Tell your toddler the water is rain and the clippers are a race car. Make it fun, and silly and as painless as possible.

4. Stay With Your Child During the Hair Cuttoddler haircut tips

While your a toddler hair cut can be hell, a toddler left alone to get their hair cut is surely a frightening sight! I have multiple kids and know the pains of trying to juggle many. I make sure each child has my attention while getting a hair trim. Put the baby in the stroller, or leave her home.

It never fails that I end up holding my toddler’s head so that the hair stylist can get a somewhat straight cut around the ears and neck. Be of assistance where you can be, your toddler will appreciate you more than a stranger telling him to hold still.

5. The Art of Bribing a Toddler

I have no problems bribing my toddler. Our kid hair salon has a bucket of suckers that they keep out on the counter. If our toddler is good during his hair cut, he’ll get a sucker.

MOM CONFESSION: In all honestly sometimes, I just stick a sucker in his mouth during the hair cut to help keep him from screaming. You gotta do what you gotta do.

DIY Toddler Haircut

Occasionally I’ll pull out the clippers and do a touch-up on the boys in-between hair cuts. With toddler hair cuts, I typically prefer to just let a professional hair dresser do it. The hard part is getting them to stay still!

With my daughter’s hair, I’m scarred from many years of my mom cutting my bangs too short so I always take her to a professional.

Toddler Boy Hairstyles

Let’s talk about little boy hair. For us, it’s all about boy haircuts.

We have 2 little boys  I typically keep my boys’ hair length like a medium length. It’s long enough to do a faux hawk. I love the style, with just a little gel – they look so cute and think they are just so cool!

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