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The Secret Way Target Steals All of Our Money

There is a Super Target 1 mile from our house. I am pretty sure before this lovely building was built I was MUCH better at saving money.

Target Steals All of Our Money

Have you ever walked into Target for ONE thing and actually bought JUST THAT ONE THING? If you answered yes, chances are – YOU ARE A DUDE!

I always wondered why I spend so much during each shopping trip:

Is it the groceries?

target groceries

What about the adorable Target dresses that litter my closet?

target dress

The $1 Spot? I mean the crap is only ONE BUCK, right? Am I the only mom who cons their kid with this stuff every trip to Target?

couldn't find anything at Target

“If you are GOOD, you get to choose a toy from the dollar spot!” Yes, I’m THAT kind of mom – but hey it works (about 50% of the time).

dollar spot

The Target clearance end caps? (P.S. I am peeved they jipped me 5% – what happened to 75% off, now they are all 70% off)

target clearance

Oh wait. This is it. Crappy Pictures NAILED IT.
We are all broke because of this place and now I know WHY!

This is the secret way Target steals ALL of our money:

how target steals your money

The Target logo. How brilliant and evil all wrapped up into one. How come I never realized this?  I will never look into the Bulls eyes again. EVIL!

Thanks Michelle for the some e-card.

Please tell me I’m not alone.  


Thursday 28th of June 2012

This is hilarious! And way too true!