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The iPad 2 Months Later

2 months ago, my husband surprised me with an iPad. As much as I WANTED one, the real question is – would I use the iPad continually? OR would it be another electronic toy?

Well I can say that I still love it – maybe possibly more than ever before.

Working on the iPad

The iPad has been a great resource for me at work.  I am typically the FREAK who is carrying her laptop from meeting to meeting.  I am a note taker. I must have everything written down and since I get extremely bad writer’s cramp AND my handwriting looks like that of a 4 year old… the iPad has been fabulous.

apple ipad

I use Evernote regularly and sync between my browser, desktop application, iPad application and my iPhone. All of my notes are synced and now I’m just able to carry the iPad rather than the laptop.

Kids & the iPad

My kids LOVE this thing. Their grubby fingers all over it does gross me out. Tonight, my daughter and son were watching Garfield off of Netflix.  Earlier they were playing word search.

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Reading on the iPad

As I mentioned above, I love to take notes.  I am currently reading The Referral Engine (great for marketers, btw).  The feature where I can jot notes and create bookmarks in my iBook is amazing.  I wanted to tell someone something in the book the other day, I was able to pull up every note and bookmark very easily and quickly.

What’s Missing?

The next generation of the iPad, which I am SURE will be out before we all know it – most definitely will be better than this one.  I hear rumors of a camera and the ability to Facetime.  The main feature the iPad is missing is multi-tasking. My iPhone can do it, but not yet on the iPad. Surely the 2nd generation iPad will include those.

Is the iPad Worth It?

The iPad, though not as functional as an actual computer, has earned a place in our home as a computer. It gets as much use as any other machine.

Is the iPad worth it?

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