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The Digital Footprint of Children Today

Did you know the average 30 year old’s digital footprint dates back 10-12 years, but a child born today’s digital footprint will last a lifetime.

your kids digital footprint 

Digital Footprint

According to this fascinating article on Mashable, the majority of newbies (err kids) are online in some form or fashion.


Here is the data and stats summed up from the study on children online by AVG:

  • The average age at which a child acquires an online presence courtesy of their parents is at six months, and by the time they are two 81% of children have some kind of ‘digital footprint’.
  • A third (33%) of children have had images posted online from birth
  • A quarter (23%) of children have even had their pre-birth scans uploaded to the Internet by their parents
  • Seven per cent (7%) of babies have even had an email address created for them by their parents
  • More than 70% of mothers said they posted baby and toddler images online to share with friends and family

My Kids Online

Obviously I don’t have a problem posting things online about my children, but am cautious into not reveal too much. Well at least I hope that’s true. My kids will be able to look back on this very sentence that I type, so I do try to take in to consideration what it is I am posting.

Why Do I Post About My Kids Online?

For me, it’s all about the memories. I’m a digital person. Being able to document things about my children makes me happy. My childhood is in boxes in my Mom’s shed. My kids will be able to just search and wah-lah.

THAT being said.

The Pervs

I know there are sick people out there in this world and a majority of them, I would venture to say are online. We’ve all seen to Catch a Predator and heard the insane stories about these WEIRDOS.

Recently, I read Heather Spohr’s blog talking about the police finding pictures of her daughter on a pedophile’s computer. I appreciate her words on this:

Was I going to live my life in fear because of some weirdos? Stop telling my family’s story about living through grief? No. We all know there are bad people in the world, but that doesn’t stop us from going outside each day. We don’t let that stop our real lives, and we shouldn’t let it stop our internet lives either, because in this day and age your internet life is almost as important as your IRL one. In ten years people may not even be able to distinguish between the two.

Heather ends her post with this: But now I’m looking over my shoulder a little more often.

I couldn’t of said it better Heather!

Do You Talk To Your Kids About Their Digital Footprint?

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