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The Daily iPad App Review

After reading the buzz about The Daily iPad App – I didn’t know if it would live up to all the hype.

It does. At least I think so (so that may or may not count as a thumbs up 🙂

What Is The Daily?

The Daily is an iPad app that delivers news DAILY to your iPad.  Each day when you open the app – a new edition is downloaded.

NewsCorp and Apple joined forces to create this newspaper of the future, on the iPad.  Looking to the future of journalism and the digitization of the newspaper – The Daily is suppose to be the answer.

When’s The Last Time You Read a Newspaper?

The last 2 times I’ve read a newspaper was in Kirby Lane in Austin. They offer The Onion newspaper in their wait area, and let’s face it – the best paper is The Onion and here in Dallas, The Onion is only available via the web. The 2nd would be a meal alone at Chipotle. They offer the Dallas Observer, which kept me entertained for the meal.

That’s it. Not even for Black Friday did we buy a paper.

Download The Daily

The last 3 days, I’ve loaded up The Daily and read thru the majority of the sections. The interface is sexy. Though think more along the lines of magazine then newsletter.

You enter the app with an animated entrance and then greeted with a carousel of options from the articles available for the day.  You can scroll thru and read thru the various articles.  There is interactivity with several of the elements.


Features to rave about:

The interactive photos (various photos you can spin 360 degrees), video embedded providing interactive content keep your ADD in check (thanks The Daily!). I’m not a big horoscope person, but select your sign and your horoscope is features.  Also a Sudoko and crossword puzzle live game are embedded in the app.
The content is well written – and the ads aren’t intrusive.


Rumors according to VentureBeat are that Newscorp is set to spend $30 million on this app. REALLY?  THEN I saw a commercial during the Super Bowl for the app. Then the $30 million dollar amount totally made sense. There goes $3 million right off the bat… Let’s see if this hits one of the top selling apps because of that commercial…

Even minus the Super Bowl commercial – $30 million is A LOT of money to make up for.  To make money on that – a whole lot of subscribers will be needed.

Give it a whirl and see if you’ll be one of the weekly subscribers.

Have You Tested Out The Daily? Your Thoughts?