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The Blogger Behind the Blog

While here, my typical game is parenting,  technology and mom style  – I guess I should step out from behind the blog so you can meet me, the blogger.

Meet the Blogger

Konichiwa! I am Molly, the resident blogger here at Digital Mom Blog. I’m 33 years old, 1/4 Japanese (hey I’ll take what I can get) and married to my geek husband Sean for 14 years. We have 4 of them kids (see below).

Molly Thornberg – digital mom blog

I created Digital Mom Blog in February 2010 as a creative outlet and sounding board for my geekism.  I had been blogging for years for my kids, but wanted something different – so decided to put more of a focus and blog what I love, technology! While I am not huge on labels, “digital mom” seemed to describe me best. When not blogging here, I blog for Disney Kids / Babble and Tommy Nelson.  When I am not blogging, I freelance with various marketing clients.

My family and I reside in Dallas, TX – though we call Austin our second home (so much so, I get regular PR requests from Austin – LOVE THAT!).  Word to the wise about Dallas, we’re not like what you see on TV. Well at least most of us aren’t.

Them Kids

Them kids is my endearing term for our termites lovelies. It was an adventure having each. Now each brings so much love, laughter and crazy to our lives, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

them kids

Z is 9. E is ALMOST 7. Izaiah is 2. Zeke is 8 months.

Things You May Not Know

  • I love to laugh (at silly – sometimes known as STUPID things)
  • Pinterest Addict (admitting it here!)
  • Insomnia is my best friend.
  • I blog about mom style in hopes that I can get rid of my yoga pant obsession.
  • Jesus is my home boy.
  • Someday, my husband and I will pack up our family circus and travel the US in an RV.

Follow Along

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Getting To Know You

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A Maui Blog

Thursday 19th of April 2012

Them kids look very adorable! Can't wait to read more of your posts.