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Behind the Blog

While here, my typical game is funny memes, parenting, technology and mom style  – I guess I should step out from behind the blog so you can meet me, the blogger.

Meet the Blogger

Konnichiwa! I am Molly, the original blogger here at Digital Mom Blog. Over the last 14 years, Digital Mom Blog now includes many other contributors but none the less, thought I would update this very old blog post to introduce myself.

In no particular order, this is about the OG mom blogger behind the blog: meme queen, humor writer who doesn’t take life too seriously, lover of technology, total geek who married a nerd and had 4 kids.

molly thornberg

Digital Mom Blog in February 2010 as a creative outlet and sounding board for my geekism. I had been blogging for years for my kids, but wanted something different – so decided to put more of a focus and blog what I love, technology!

While I am not huge on labels, “digital mom” seemed to describe me best. Over the years, my work has been featured in other places around the internet – such as: Disney Kids, Wire Cutter, Wired, Yahoo, Faith Gateway, Babble and Tommy Nelson.

them kids

While I don’t blog about my kids since they are now grown, I will be keeping this photo here to forever remember those baby years.

Follow Along

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Getting To Know You

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