The Big C

The Big C

The Big C

I saw commercials about this show on Showtime and thought – no thanks. I don’t care to watch a show about someone dying. Both of my Grandmas were killed by cancer. Sean’s Aunt battled lung cancer for years. Too much. Not funny. No desire to watch. Thanks but NO thanks.

Then I Accidentally Watched It.

The show was nothing like I expected. I was thinking Debbie the Downer and it ended up being a happy smiley instead.

The Big C is about an uptight married mom, played by Laura Linney who is diagnosed with cancer.  She is given 12-18 months (I believe that’s right!) to live. After learning of her life deadline, she makes changes in her life to make her final months the best.

Andrea The Big C

She takes up a cause of helping a girl lose weight (played by the chick from Gabby Sidbe from Precious).  She strengthens her relationship with her crazy brother. She kicks her husband to the curb. She insists on creating a connection with her teen son.  She connects with a bitter neighbor. She learns to love her life and sets out to do things not in her norm (think bikini wax, cashing out her 401K and flirting with her doctor).


Learning to Live Life Like There’s an Expiration

Guess what? Your chance of death is 100%. You may not know your expiration date, but there is one. Live it up people.

If You Knew You Had 12 Months to Live – How Would Your Life Change?

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