All Things Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, the day we pause and give thanks and gratitude for all we have. You know, that thing we should really be doing ALL year long. Thanksgiving Day is also about gathering friends and family. It’s about eating a huge feast together, watching football and disagreeing about politics. Well, hopefully that last bit can be avoided. 

From Instant Pot Thanksgiving recipes to the best Thanksgiving apps to Thanksgiving books for kids, here you will find all things Thanksgiving:  

Best Thanksgiving Side Dish Instant Pot Recipes

Make your Thanksgiving sides in no time with these thanksgiving menu Instant Pot recipes.  Our Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish Instant Pot Recipes It's that time of year. In just a few weeks, a plethora of family and friends will gather to eat, drink and be merry and...

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20 BEST Thanksgiving Books for Kids

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we are stocking up on Thanksgiving books. I'm hoping some of that gratitude and thanks talk will rub off on the toddlers. Kids Thanksgiving Book That They Will Love! While most of these Thanksgiving themed books are low tech, you...

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Black Friday Haul 2016 – Yes, It Was Totally Worth It!

Black Friday Shopping Haul - that's right, I admit it. I am a Black Friday Shopper. It started many years ago, when I was curious about the discounts. Do people REALLY save money? Is it as INSANE as it looks on the news? Yes and YES. But if you are wondering if it's...

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7 Thanksgiving Apps for Kids

Thanksgiving apps for kids - we got them! These Apps will keep your kids busy and entertained during the Thanksgiving holiday. Often Thanksgiving can get missed as we rush from Halloween to Christmas. Download a few of these app and embrace this season of gratitude....

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7 Pictures You Must Take on Thanksgiving Day

Following up on the success of the 7 Pictures You Must Take on Christmas, I thought I'd give you some suggestions for photos to take on Thanksgiving. I carry my DSLR in the car on holidays (okay, and most of the time I have it hidden in the trunk). There are only a...

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How to Make a Quick and Easy Thanks Banner

Y'all - I LOVE me some Pinterest - but I have to say, some of these crafts are costing me an arm and a leg. On top of that, I don't know about you - but I just don't have all of the time in the world. SOOO, that being said - I thought would share a Pinterest hack with...

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Free Thankful Printable

It's the season of gratitude! While we should be thankful year round - it's the month of November and that Thanksgiving holiday that has us in thanks. Last month, I attended a funeral of a friend's sister. It was a sweet celebration of her life. During the service,...

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How to Make a Wall Thankful Tree

Thankful Tree - what better way to show gratitude than with this awesome Thanksgiving craft. Make a Thankful Tree for the Wall I recently saw an image on the web featuring the idea of a wall thankful tree. Instantly I knew I had to make one and I had the perfect spot....

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How to Make a Paper Pilgrim Hat for Kids

Looking to make paper pilgrim hats for Thanksgiving day? This is a fun activity for the kids to do while the grown-ups are making the Thanksgiving meal. Growing up, we used brown paper bags for Indian costumes and made paper pilgrim hats for Thanksgiving. Yes, some...

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