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Tesla Insane Button – Go Ahead and Press It!

Tesla has out done itself with an insane button. Let me explain. If you are familiar with the Tesla automaker – you know that there is just something special about their electric vehicles. I’ve had the opportunity to sit in a few and woah – talk about luxury.  My husband and I will own one someday, you know as soon as we either sell the house and live in the car – or our 4 kids stop needing money from us. (So, basically… never. A girl can dream.)

Tesla Insane Button

Tesla insane button. Yes, it’s a real thing.

Model S P85D

Something Tesla has a new electric Model S P85D that can go from 0-to-60 in 3.2 seconds. Yes, the car WILL set you make $120,000 – but after I show you people’s reactions after experiencing that kind of force, it may be worth the 120k just to video people in your passenger seat.

Tesla Insane Button

The Tesla has a digital console. On the console in the new Model 2 P85D is a INSANE button. Literally a button that says INSANE. Because, well – let’s face it – 0-to-60 in a car is downright insane. You come to a complete stop, press the “INSANE” button and boom – the car takes you from 0-to-OH MY LORD in 3.2 seconds.

Tesla Model S P85D

It’s a beauty, isn’t it?? Did I mention that this Tesla also can seat 6? There is the option for 2 rear seats that face backwards. While these are for children, I mean still – maybe we could live in this car after all?

Tesla Auto Pilot

We’ve all heard about the self driving cars – well Tesla is already there, to some degree. This was pulled from their blog to give you an idea of what this car can do.

Model S will be able to steer to stay within a lane, change lanes with the simple tap of a turn signal, and manage speed by reading road signs and using active, traffic aware cruise control. It will take several months for all Autopilot features to be completed and uploaded to the cars.

Our goal with the introduction of this new hardware and software is not to enable driverless cars, which are still years away from becoming a reality. Our system is called Autopilot because it’s similar to systems that pilots use to increase comfort and safety when conditions are clear. Tesla’s Autopilot is a way to relieve drivers of the most boring and potentially dangerous aspects of road travel – but the driver is still responsible for, and ultimately in control of, the car.

The Autopilot hardware opens up some exciting long term possibilities. Imagine having your car check your calendar in the morning (a feature introduced in Software v6.0), calculate travel time to your first appointment based on real time traffic data, automatically open the garage door with Homelink, carefully back out of a tight garage, and pull up to your door ready for your commute. Of course, it could also warm or cool your car to your preferences and select your favorite morning news stream.

The introduction of this hardware is just the first step for Autopilot in Model S. We will continue to develop new capabilities and deliver them through over-the-air software updates, keeping our customers at the forefront of driving technology.

Okay Tesla, I am sold. Maybe I’ll buy a few lotto tickets tonight…