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Track Your Teens Driving Habits

Let’s talk about to track your teens driving habits.

I’ll never forget the first time I was behind the wheel without my parents. My parents’ had a Ford Explorer that was awesome. Hello 1995!

It was fully loaded and while I had been driving for a while, I wanted freedom and to not have my mom sitting in the seat next to me yelling at me to “slow down” or “stop hitting the curb.”

I remember cranking up MOBY seriously loud and driving fast through the country. It was my happy place.

I was a few months older than most of my friends. They slowly started to get their license, and since I didn’t have my own car – I mostly rode with them.

How to Track Your Teen's Driving Habits  and Location
learn how to track your teens driving

A few weeks ago, my husband was telling me about study that showed that teens act more erratically when driving – WHEN there are other teens in the car.

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From my experience with my friends as a teenager – I would say that to be 100% true. We would get in the car, and it would be all laughter and good times. I’ll just say that I definitely had a guardian angel watching over me, when I was a teen.

Thinking back to how I was and how my friends were – and how back then there wasn’t even texting and driving, it was just STUPIDITY – it all just makes me realize CRAP, I’ll have to be going through this all with my daughter in a few years.

Isn’t it funny how parenting bites you in the rear like that. All of those “good times” you had as a teenager – well they come back to haunt you. Thankfully though, us parents now a days have a friend on our side. TECHNOLOGY. 

How to Track Your Teenagers Driving

Teenagers now can be tracked just about everywhere with their cell phones. And now, thanks to the company MOTOsafety you can track much more than just where your teenager is.

MOTOsafety is a vehicle monitoring system. With an integrated website, parents can log in and see – vehicle tracking, routes, speed, driving habits and more by using the MOTOsafety device. It plugs into your car, no mechanic needed to install.

Here are a few features of MOTOsafety:

  • Plugs under your dash.
  • Web-based parental dash provides driver’s report card.
  • View location, history, speeding & more on Google Maps.
  • No contracts, just $19.99/month – plus device purchase ($65)

Part of me is feeling the creep factor and like a massive helicopter parent for thinking that this is okay to use – but you know, then I remember how I was as a teen. I think my motto was: Rules are made to be BROKEN. 

Driving is a privilege and if your teenager is not ready for the responsibility of driving, please for the love of God and all people on the road – do NOT let them drive. But if they are, set some rules and understandings.

I wouldn’t install the MOTOsafety device without them knowing about it, I would make them perfectly aware that as a safety precaution and since they are LEARNING how to drive – you know will have access to where they go and how fast they are driving.

Will I use something like this? Possibly. Will I let my kids know? Most definitely

Kids and Technology – Today, we are talking about teens and driving and how to track their location and speed.