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Tech News Round Up: Negative Effects of Technology in Children, Mind Reading Technology, Technology Changing Work

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Tech news! Keeping you in the know with the latest tech news with a round-up of worthy stories from this week. Here are snack-size nuggets of tech goodness that interested me over the last week – that I hope interest you as well. 

Tech News Round Up

Let’s talk tech news about Nintendo and their LAME decision to discontinue the NES classic, negative effects of technology on children, how technology is changing how we work, how Facebook is reading our minds (or wants to) and more. 

NES Classic Discontinued

Tech News - Nintendo NES Classic Discontinued

I am super peeved that Nintendo is discontinuing the NES Classic. Specifically because I have yet to get my hands on one! But seriously, you have a good thing going here Nintendo – don’t discontinue this unless you are going to make these games available on the Nintendo Switch. Thanks. 

If you are desperate for a NES Classic – keep an eye on Amazon.

Read more about Nintendo discontinuing the NES Classic on Forbes

Negative Effects of Technology in Children

Tech news - Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

Know when enough is enough in regards to screen time and your children. We love are screens here at Digital Mom Blog – but also know that kids need a break. (Read more about Screen Free Sunday

Technology has made it convenient to keep our children occupied while we tend to our everyday tasks. While children seem entertained using devices such as tablets, television, cell phones, and computers, many studies show that these devices may have negative effects.

Overuse of electronic devices may cause impairment in the development of a child’s social skills. This includes the ability to make friends in person, take responsibility for actions, display good manners, use polite language, control emotions and temper, follow verbal directions, and develop empathy for others.

Read more about the negative effects of technology in children on Go San Angelo

Best Cities for Women in Tech

Best Cities for Women in Tech - Tech News

Women in tech – here are the best cities for women in technology. Unfortunately, Dallas – actually there are NO cities in Texas listed here. BOO. Come on Texas. 

The following criteria was reviewed when developing this list:

  • Gender pay gap
  • Income after housing costs
  • Women as percent of tech workforce
  • The four-year tech employment growth.

Read the complete list of Best Cities for Women in Tech at

Facebook is Developing Mind Reading Technology

Mark Zuckerberg confirms Facebook is working on Mind Reading Technology. Nope, this isn’t a bit worry some. Facebook, reading our minds – just great. 

Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that Facebook is working on technology that will allow people to directly send their thoughts over the internet.

The Facebook founder, who has hinted at mind-reading technology in the past, said the company was hard at work at creating “direct brain interfaces”.

He made the announcement at F8, Facebook’s developer conference, at which Zuckerberg unveiled a host of new augmented reality (AR) technologies that let users superimpose digital objects on the real world using a smartphone camera.

Read more about Facebook’s Mind Reading Technology on The Telegraph

Technology is Changing How We Work

technology and how we work - tech news

Technology will most definitely play an impact on how we work in the future, but how? 

Cyborgs Are Coming

Daily Mail suggests CYBORGS. The robots are coming and they are taking our jobs. Great, just great.

Now, manufacturing businesses are beginning to integrate robotics, automation and other data-driven technologies into their workflows. 

Robots have taken over difficult, dangerous and repetitive physical tasks, improving factory safety, worker comfort and product quality. 

The next phase of labor innovation will do the same thing for cognitive work, removing mentally stressful and repetitive tasks from people’s daily routines.

Human work will become more versatile and creative. 

Robots and people will work more closely together than ever before. 

People will use their unique abilities to innovate, collaborate and adapt to new situations.

Next Industrial Revolution

We know automation is here and will continue to evolve how we work. We must be on top of next industrial revolution and understand what this means. 

Most important, we learnt that policymakers are flying blind into what has been called the fourth industrial revolution or the second machine age. There is a remarkable lack of data available on basic questions, such as: what is the scope and rate of change of the key technologies, especially artificial intelligence (AI)? Which technologies are already eliminating, augmenting or transforming which types of jobs? What new work opportunities are emerging, and which policy options might create jobs in this context?

Read more on the next industrial revolution

What did tech news did we miss? Leave a comment below and let us know. 


Tech News Round Up

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