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We share the coolest tech gadgets! Finding, reviewing, sharing cool tech geek things – this is why we started Digital Mom Blog!

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tech gadgets

Tech Gadgets & Product Reviews

From cool tech gadgets that we have been sent to awesome gadget finds that we know you and your family will love – Digital Mom is your go to tech blog for the latest gadget and tech reviews.


Netgear WiFi Range Extender – Extend Your WiFi!

Get rid of dead wifi spots with a Netgear WIFI range extender. Several months ago, we moved to the country, bought a fixer upper and have been living in a state of remodel chaos. It’s fun, tedious but this is home. One of the things we love about this house is the 2 acres we …

cheap fitness tracker

A $12 Fitness Tracker That Will Rock Your Socks Off

Meet the Pivotal Tracker Fitness Tracker. A few months ago I was emailed about a new affordable fitness tracker, asking if I was interested in receiving a unit to demo. The device was the Pivotal Tracker. I always like sharing the latest in new technology, so was interested in what exactly the Pivotal Tracker would give …

app reviews

First Day with the Apple Watch

So a few weeks ago, I was up late. When the clock struck 2 am, I bought an Apple Watch. Well actually it wa more like 2:15am but none the less, I got one. It was an impulse buy. Yes, I love me some Apple and with all the hype this year around wearable technology …

tablet for kids

iPad vs Fire Tablet Which Should You Buy for a Child?

Are you looking to buy your child a tablet? Or are you considering buying yourself a tablet and letting your kids use it? Each year we put together a list of best kids tablets – but in this article we are specifically looking at the Apple iPad vs Fire tablet. iPad vs Fire Tablet When …

samsung hub refrigerator

Samsung Hub Smart Refrigerator Review

Samsung Hub Smart Refrigerator review – make the kitchen the center of your home and up your smart home game with the Samsung Hub smart wi-fi enable refrigerator.


HP Chromebook 14 Review

HP Chromebook 14 Review – what you need to know about the latest Chromebook laptop from Hewlett Packard. HP Chromebook 14 Our friends at HP sent us a HP Chromebook 14 to review. Here is a full rundown of everything you need to know about this Chromebook laptop. 2020 Chromebook This HP Chromebook 14 review …

kids and cell phones

5 Things We Learned From Giving Our Kids Cell Phones

Do your kids have a cell phone? Here are 5 things we learned after we gave our kids cell phones. Last year, our older kids started a new charter school that was 30 minutes away from the house. Having 2 younger kids at home and commuting back and forth to pick them up, as well …


Free Kid Cell Phone Contract Template

Free Cell Phone Contract For Kids – Set the rules early for your kids and their cell phones with our easy to read, free downloadable cell phone contract. Our kids started a new school. The new school requires me to pick them up, drop them off and they will have several after-school activities that well …

social media

How Cute is This USB Flower Hub!

USB HUBS – with everything going USB, it’s no wonder that you are out of USB slots on your computer! Introducing the USB Flower Hub. The solution to your USB port needs in a cute gadget. We’ll be featuring the coolest things in tech – cool technology – and we aren’t talking air conditioners. If …

tech stocking stuffers

15 Tech Stocking Stuffers for Your Favorite Geek

How’s that Christmas shopping coming along? Looking for some tech stocking stuffers for your favorite geek, well LOOK NO MORE! I don’t know about your but me and stocking stuffers usually are WAY last minute. This year, I am trying to be intentional and not so last minute and buy gifts that are thoughtful and …


Why Didn’t I Get a Video Baby Monitor Sooner?

Last week a package arrive from Levana. They had sent me a video baby monitor, the Keera 2 camera set. When Izaiah was little, I had a video monitor that lasted about a month. It required a PC to view the baby, which I had a Mac. At the end, we just gave up on …


JBL Charge 2 Review – The Ultimate Gift for the Music Lover

JBL Charge 2 Review – learn what you need to know about this small but powerful bluetooth speaker. It’s Christmas season y’all. We are all MERRY CHRISTMAS! around these parts (yes, I know there is Thanksgiving – I am a thankful person, especially thankful for Christmas.) Do you have a friend or family member that you are …

bluetooth speaker with microphone conference call

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone for Conference Calls

Looking for the best Bluetooth speaker with microphone for conference calls? Our top 10 list includes options from top brands like Bose, JBL, and Anker. From portable and waterproof speakers to those with long battery life and voice control capabilities, we’ve got you covered. Find the perfect speaker for your conference call needs and enjoy clear, natural-sounding sound quality.


How to Make Healthy Choices While Living in a Hotel with the Nutribullet Balance

Disclosure: Post sponsored by NutriBullet but all opinions are my own. Does your new year include a resolution to get healthy? After our house flooded and we started living in a hotel, we decided to not worry about New Year’s resolutions. With a kitchenette and 6 mouths to feed, we have to eat the majority of our meals …

fight the fidget – fidget toys and fidget gadgets

Fidget Cubes and Fidget Toys – Friday Fave Gadget

Fidget cubes are all the rage from elementary to high school. What are these things, why do kids love them, why do parents like them and why do teachers HATE them? Let’s break it down with this week’s Friday Fave – Gadget of the Week.  Fidget Cubes and Fidget Toys Fidget cubes are 6-sided desk toys …


FAVE: USB Charger Power Strip

Today’s Friday Fave is this USB charger power strip. Yes, I know – it doesn’t sound all that exciting but let me explain. Too Many Devices to Charge I have a problem, okay I have many – but one of my problems is that I like to make sure all my electronics are constantly charged …


Ataribox Is Coming And Yes, The Kids Will Want It!

Ataribox – sound familiar? Yes, the old school Atari is making a comeback. Our kids could soon be bugging us to buy them an Atari – but don’t worry, this isn’t the Atari of the 80’s! Launching this Fall on Indiegogo, the Ataribox is positioning itself as a PC like gaming experience, but it will come …

kohler touchless toilet

Kohler No Touch Flush Toilet Review

Kohler No Touch Flush Toilet – this is the dream potty for boy moms. No longer worry about your kid not flushing the toilet with this handy kohler toilet.

best kids ipad cases

BEST iPad Cases for Kids

BEST iPad cases for kids. Read real life recommendations for the best ipad case from a mom of 4 kids. Protect your ipad investment!

google home – home alone video – products in video

Home Alone in 2018 – Google Assistant and the Smart Home

What if Kevin was Home Alone in 2018? Google answers this in a viral video featuring the infamous Home Alone movie but the home is now a smart home. Watch Google’s Home Alone Again and learn what products Kevin uses in his smart home. Classic Christmas Movie The hit movie, Home Alone was originally released …


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