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Talking to Your Kids About Martin Luther King Jr

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he had a dream.

He had a dream.

Today we remember Martin Luther King Jr. While the kids are off from school today, take a few minutes to explain the significance of what the day means and the man behind it.

The Stir over at Cafe Mom has posted a great article on explaining Martin Luther King Jr to your kids.

A few questions frequently asked by children: 

Who is Martin Luther King?

He was a good man who fought hard to gain rights for black people in America, when they were being treated badly. He believed that all people should be treated equally, regardless of skin color. Like we believe.

What does “equal” mean?

It means the same. No one gets treated better than other person because of what they look like.

Why did he want everyone to be the same?

Say you walked into a store and you wanted to buy a toy. Your friend walked into the store and wanted to buy a toy also. But the person behind the counter said you couldn’t buy the toy, but your friend could, because you’re (fill in the blank — a girl, Jewish, something they identify with but do not have a choice about). Is that fair?

Are we all the same?

We all look different, and we all have different beliefs, but we all should be treated the same. We’re all people.

While not sugar coating the answers, nor going into detail of his death – Cafe Mom’s article is a great start for explaination.

Here are some other resources to use when talking to your children:

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