Talking Carl App Review – Our Babies New Favorite App!

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Introducing the Talking Carl app. A silly little app that you may just love. 

Talking Carl iPhone iPad App Review

A friend of mine had sent me a video of the Talking Carl app featuring Carl talking to another iPhone. I knew right away 2 things.

1. I MUST download the Talking Carl app.

2. I MUST include both the iPad and the iPhone in the mix for Talking Carl to scream at his digital twin.

Mission was on. I downloaded Talking Carl app on IOS for both iPhone and iPad. Next, I sat the devices up next to each other so that they could see one another. Than….. BABY started squealing.

Izaiah is only 4 months old, and look at him already playing with apps. My sweet little boy, already working his way around the iPad! I guess that’s what we can expect from digital kids, now a days, right? 


So that is what ended up in the video. The baby talking about Talking Carl and Talking Carl iPhone talks to Talking Carl iPad to make obnoxious sounds back and forth to annoy me and baby. A continuous loop of chaos. This feels a lot like my life right now. 

My 2 older kids (5 & 7) now fight for the iPad to play with Talking Carl. Poor Carl has had to repeat television shows, screaming kids, toys that make sounds… the list goes on. I am just waiting for the kids to introduce this app to the dogs. 

Talking Carl App

So what did I think of the app? The Talking Carl app is fun, cheap and entertaining (especially when you make him repeat himself with another device). Though the app gets annoying, it kept my kids occupied for more than 10 minutes! And for 99 cents and more than 10 minutes of keeping the kids busy? I call this AWESOME.

Have you played Talking Carl? What are your thoughts? 


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5 thoughts on “Talking Carl App Review – Our Babies New Favorite App!”

  1. Hi Molly, LOVE your blog! It helps to have someone who will weeds through the mountains of apps on the App Store to help point the rest of us in the right direction, when it comes to choosing appropriate apps for our kids. I would also love to hear how you ever managed to kick the insidious Starbucks habit! 🙂 Thanks again for a great blog. Kay

  2. Molly! My younger kids definitely loved the talking Carl app, they thought it was the coolest thing ever. However, they recently told me to find them a new app to play with and I came across the new Kona Ice app and they LOVED it. You should definitely check it out. It has an animated story with all the cute characters. The kids can read along with the story AND it can teach them skills in reading. There are also many games and puzzles to keep them occupied and most importantly, their brains thinking! What’s even better for us is the hidden coupon for Kona Ice. So, I told my kids if they find it then I will take them to get some Kona Ice for dessert!


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