Is Roblox Bad? – Roblox Safety and Thoughts From A Digital Mom

Is Roblox Bad? – Roblox Safety and Thoughts From A Digital Mom

IS ROBLOX SAFE? There’s several articles swirling the internet explaining the dangers of the popular children’s game Roblox. I totally get it. Parent’s Guide to Roblox is one of our popular posts. People want to know what their kids are playing and if it’s bad. KUDOS to you because caring about what your kids play online is step one to keeping your children protected online.

Roblox Safety and Thoughts From a Digital Mom

Is Roblox is bad? Yes.

Is it ALL bad? No.

There are parts of the Roblox game that are bad, yes and unfortunately with the insane world that we live in – most things that are good also have bad.

Recent Facebook and other social platforms have been circulating news of online sexual predators on the Roblox platform. Is this true? Most likely. Should we be surprised? NOPE.

Does this mean your child should stop playing Roblox? Well that is up to you – but I will say this. You MUST pay attention to everything your kids do online, Roblox included.

Roblox online game

How Many People Play Roblox?

Here’s the deal. In January 2017, Roblox posted on their blog that they had record growing numbers in 2016. The game currently has 44 MILLION monthly active players. They hit a record in December with over 900,000 peak concurrent users.

44 MILLION people playing.  

900k of those playing at the same time!

Remember these numbers.

Roblox is about building worlds/games. You can build a world for others to play in and you can play in other people’s world. When you have 44 MILLION people that play a game – there are bound to be a lot of bad apples. Finding a way to monitor 900,000 people simultaneously playing games that are created by users – near impossible. 

Did you know?  Roblox is…

  • twelfth highest grossing iPhone app
  • third highest grossing iPad app
  • fourth most downloaded free-to-play app in Games
  • top most downloaded free-to-play app in Family on Google Play
  • sixth best-selling free-to-play game on Amazon
  • top free downloaded app on Windows 10 and Xbox One

Parenting Digital Kids and Keeping Them SAFE Online

The only thing I can preach time and time again is knowing exactly what your kids are doing online at all times. Digital kids – these kids don’t know anything BUT the internet. They are digital natives in every sense but it is our job to guide them.

Roblox Kids Online Safety

How we roll: Our kids know that we have full access to anything and everything that they do both on their computers and on their phones. That means monitoring who they are talking to, what Roblox games they are playing, checking their private messages in apps. Side note – make sure you check Instagram private messages. That means being 100% aware of technologies that they are using at all times. Does this mean that they will be shielded from all bad things? No. But it does mean that we are there to guide them to what is right and what is wrong.

Unfortunately, the world isn’t all happy good people. Parenting digital kids means being aware of all the things and guiding them to make the right choices, understand what is good and what is bad. It also means saying NO when you feel that something isn’t right for your child.

Roblox kids

As much as we love to point our fingers at this online game as being BAD – it’s not just that black and white. We, as parents need to be mindful of all the things that are kids are doing online – not just Roblox. 

You Can Never Be Too Safe

When our daughter was 6 or 7, she had a computer. Take it this was 7 years ago and filtering was not where it was today. She had a computer in the kitchen and came running into my husband’s office needing her computer fixed. She had downloaded a virus. Come to find out, she was googling “Fairy games”  which had pulled up all kinds of inappropriateness. An innocent search can lead to bad things, just like the game Roblox who has millions of people playing it can lead to bad things.

Roblox Child Safety Measures

With Roblox being an online game for kids – it is in their best interest to keep the game as safe as possible. But again, I’ll reiterate – there are 44 million people actively playing.

Here is what Roblox says in regards to children and online safety:

  • We also strive to protect our players’ safety by proactively filtering inappropriate content and acting against anyone who is in violation of our Rules of Conduct
  • At Roblox, we believe everyone should have the right to imagine, create, and play together in a safe, family-friendly environment. This means we take kids’ safety and privacy very seriously.
  • Roblox is committed to fully complying with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) to ensure the privacy of our users age 12 and under and prevent them from sharing personal info via chat messages or in-game.
  • Although users age 13 and older can adjust more account settings and have an expanded vocabulary list, Roblox employs a filtering system and moderation team to help keep players safe and restrict sharing personally identifiable information.
  • Yes, users age 13 and over can customize their security settings.
  • For users age 12 and under, however, we take extra precaution to ensure their safety and privacy by automatically enforcing more restricted settings so they can only directly message other users that are accepted as friends on Roblox.
  • To add even more security, you can enable 2-Step Verification. This feature can be found in your Account Settings Security tab. For more information, please see our FAQ article with all the details about this security feature.

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Roblox Online Safety - Is Roblox Safe

How Can I Report Something Bad in Roblox?

If you encounter a situation in Roblox that needs reporting – here is what the game suggests that you do to report the bad behavior:

  • Players can now report inappropriate chat messages or content by using our Report Abuse system, which is located throughout the site and in-game.
  • In addition to reporting any rule violations, players can also completely block others from chatting or playing with them in-game or on the website.
  • You can block other players on the website by visiting the offending user’s Roblox profile, clicking the three dots that appear in the upper right-hand corner, and then clicking “Block User” in the drop-down menu.
  • Additionally, you can block other players on the website by visiting the offending user’s Roblox profile, clicking the three dots that appear in the upper right-hand corner, and then clicking “Block User” in the drop-down menu.
  • Another way to block players in-game is by clicking on their name on the leaderboard, and then selecting “Block User.”

I don’t want to down play anyone that has had a innocent child experience an inappropriate situation in Roblox. I do want to emphasize that it’s not just Roblox that is bad and why exactly this game is the way it is, and what you can do when encountering an inappropriate situation.

Do You Let Your Kids Play Roblox? How Do You Keep Them Safe Online?


The Ultimate Parents Guide to the ROBLOX Game

The Ultimate Parents Guide to the ROBLOX Game

The ROBLOX game was introduced to our kids a few years ago when our nephew, at the time 6-years-old discovered it. Like all good cousins, when they find something cool on the internet they share. After constant badgering from our kids, we downloaded the Roblox game out and agreed they could play it – but that we would setup their ROBLOX login, account preferences and settings as to what they could do and access.

roblox parents guide

Internet Safety Tip: Keep a list of your kid’s logins. It’s a rule on our home – anything that requires a login – we need to know what it is. 

Make sure to read our latest ROBLOX Post -> Is ROBLOX Safe for Kids?

How popular is ROBLOX? Players spend over 20 million hours playing games and building in their own personal virtual worlds. Roblox is ranked #1 in the US for total engagement time within the 8-14 year old segment, and is rapidly growing in popularity amongst players aged 15+.

Our 2 older kids, now 10 and 8 years old have been playing ROBLOX for the last few years. While Minecraft was their favorite – and still would be – we’ve restricted access to that – which is a blog post for another time.

With all of the popularity with this game, I thought the best way to start this series is a good all about ROBLOX post. As a digital mom of tech kids, I want to know exactly what they are doing online – while I still can.  Here is information on what exactly this game is. Soon we will be talking about if ROBLOX is safe for kids, also the explosion of popularity with this game.   Let’s learn more about what exactly this game is before diving any further.

What is ROBLOX

ROBLOX is a massively multiplayer online game – or an MMO.  The game is created and marketing towards children and teenagers.  Each player creates their own virtual world in which other online members can enter, play an socialize.

ROBLOX can be be scripted using a sandbox edition of Lua 5.1. With scripts you can change the events that happen in the game and create different scenarios and situations.  This game has can encourage children to learn computer programming, currency (read more below about currency and money) as well as using their creativity to create their online world.

ROBLOX is more than game play and socialization. My kids love the building, creating and learning aspect.

Is ROBLOX Educational?

I love how the company describes education within this game:

We believe in the theory that kids learn best by making things; by engaging in the creative and complex process of imagining, designing, and constructing. Provide them with a safe place to build, give them the requisite tools, and let them play. We’re particularly inspired by the educational theory pioneered by Seymour Papert of the MIT Media Lab. This theory — labeled “Constructionism” — holds not only that kids learn best when they are in the active roles of designer and builder, but that their learning is optimized when they’re assuming these roles in a public forum. This makes good sense to us — particularly after observing some of our members who know that the fruits of their labor may be seen, critiqued, and used by others. These are motivated kids who become deeply engaged with building complex structures and solving difficult problems. Their level of creativity, the amount of time and care spent building, and the extent and high quality of their discourse never fails to astonish us.

Is Roblox Free?

ROBLOX is free, but there is a “Builder’s Club” which is one of the ways they make money.  There also is lots of advertising and by the popularity of the game, I am sure they make a pretty penny off of that as well.

ROBLOX has since introduced Robux – which is the game currency.

ROBLOX Currency

robux - roblox money

ROBLOX tickets and ROBUX are the currency used in the game. They can be converted from one to the other.  According to my 10-year-old: You get 10 tickets a day everyday that you login.  ROBUX are more valuable and you have to click money to trade currency.   Previously, points were used but have been replaced.

ROBLOX tickets are earned everyday you login – 10 tickets a day. You can earn tickets by people playing your game or selling virtual assets.


Just like ALL things in regards to your kids online – you MUST be an active part of whatever they are doing, including playing ROBLOX. There are inappropriate things that happen on this game – the game does try to make an effort to make this a safe place for kids to play, but with as many players as this game has, it’s obviously not that easy.

Read more about our thoughts on this game and online safety here ->  Is Roblox Safe 

The best thing to keep you children safe online is to teach them what is right and what is wrong. Also, report any activity that you see that is inappropriate for children.

We let our kids play, but it is semi-supervised experience. We check in often, remind them what is okay and what is not. There is no total safe space for our kids on the internet.


You can access ROBLOX on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Devices, and Xbox One. ROBLOX adventures are accessible from any device, so players can imagine with their friends regardless of where they are.


roblox social

Players play each other, add people they meet to their friends list.  From the friends list, a player can select 20 friends to be their best friends – or BFOR (best friends on Roblox – okay, I made the BFOR up – but my tween would totally love that.) There is a news feed where the players can see profile statuses. There are community groups.

Chatting – Players over the age of 13 can free chat and type whatever they want.  While ROBLOX is testing a safe chat where younger uses can select from words to chat.


Here are a few things you need to know about ROBLOX games – from the suggestions of other parents:

Front Page Games Only:

Keep your child away from any Builders Club Only games, and the “Group Recruiting Plaza” to be safe. The front page games tend to be the most monitored, allow your child to just play those games.

Can You Block Certain Games?

Unfortunately, you cannot block certain games from your child. This is a popular request. Blocking games is something many parents hope to see the company implement to allow parents greater control over what games their children play.

Refund on Games

If you spend Robux on a game and it gets taken down, chances are you will not get a refund on the game.


Parent Notifications on Games

Parents want to be involved with their children when they play online games. Unfortunately,  at the current time there is not a way to be notified to know what games your children are playing. An ideal situation would have a parent control panel that gave reporting of what each child was playing and how long. Currently there is no way for a parent to be notified of what games their child is playing.


Building Roblox World

Players build and construct their worlds using building bricks and blocks in ROBLOX studio.  These blocks vary is size, shape and color using ROBLOX studio.  Using the programming language Lua – a player can dynamically change the environment of the game.

The Roblox Studio was built to be your all-inclusive Place editing program. Using the Studio you can script, build and test your Places all before you show off your Place to the rest of the community. If you want to make any kind of changes to your Places, then you should use the Studio to make those changes. – 

This ROBLOX video is a great way to learn how to get building in ROBLOX studio.

What questions do you have about Roblox? Ask below- we want to make this the ultimate parent’s guide to Roblox!