5 Tips for Taking Texas Bluebonnet Photos With The Family

5 Tips for Taking Texas Bluebonnet Photos With The Family

Texas bluebonnet photos with the family is a nearly annual event. I force the entire family out the door, somewhat dressed to capture photos of the kids together. In case you aren’t from Texas, family bluebonnet photos are a thing. Yes, you will see crazy people on the side of the road in a patch of bluebonnets, snapping pics. We try to be safe and find out of the way places, but yes – file us under the Texas crazies.

This past weekend we headed out take some pics, in hopes of actually having all of the kids in 1 photo. 4 kids together at the ages they are at – are NOT easy to photograph!

Beautiful Texas bluebonnet flowers bloom all along the highways March thru April. Here in North Texas there are a few spots and hidden gems – but the real deal is down south in the hill country. The roads are lined with these gorgeous flowers. (Side note: the bluebonnet is our state flower.) 2 years ago, we planted a nice patch of bluebonnets, hoping that this year is the year that they bloom!

On any given spring weekend that the flowers are in bloom, you can see lines of cars surrounding these patches (or fields) with people taking bluebonnet photos.

tips family bluebonnet photos

This past weekend, the bluebonnets were perfect. They will soon be dying out, so if you haven’t shot you pics – you have probably 1 more weekend before they start dying. If you are headed out, I’ve rounded up a few tips I learned while shooting the kids the last few years. These aren’t photography tips – but real life mom of 4 taking family photo tips.

5 Tips for Taking Texas Bluebonnet Photos With the Family

Bluebonnet photos of the kids

1. Clothes

We went with 3 different colors, mixed and matched that would work well with the color of the bluebonnets and the greenery for the photos. Looking back, I’d put our oldest boy in a different shirt – but we headed out last minute and the fact we could even find clothes is amazing.

Also, make sure the clothes fit right. Poor Zeke, the overalls just didn’t fit him right. Mom fail, but whatever – the kids are all together in the blue bonnet pic and aren’t screaming.

2. Boredom

Kids WILL get bored. Let them run around, don’t worry so much on the smiling face (that would be way to easy!). Capture a few photos of them in the moment, whatever they are doing.

Zowie in the bluebonnets

3. Get Individual Photos

Make sure to capture individual photos. It’s fun to look back thru the years of Texas bluebonnet photos to see how much the kids change.

Izaiah in the bluebonents

4. Make it an Event

Every year we do this, it’s like the pumpkin patch. The kids expect it (hence the yelling anytime we drive by any Texas bluebonnets) and we try to make it fun. Let the kids play. That being said, make sure they are fed, have gone to the potty and nap if needed. We missed 2 of those 3 and due to that couldn’t stay as long as I would of liked. We are also NOT above bribing the kids. One year we brought M&M’s but uhm that made for messy photos. This year, we promised ice cream – and delivered.

Zeke in the bluebonnets

5. Bring a Blanket or Quilt

I can never remember this little ditty. While you maybe able to capture a few shots here are there, the truth is the ground is rough and totally uncomfortable. Watch out for ant beds, I may have found the perfect spot – sat my kid in it to only have my husband start yelling ANTS!

Where is Your Favorite Place to Shoot Texas Bluebonnet Photos?

Updated: original bluebonnet post: April 2012

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Cute Girly Camera Bags for Stylish Photographers

Cute Girly Camera Bags for Stylish Photographers

Looking for a cute girly camera bag? Photographers, this post is just for you.  If you are anything like me, you carry your camera everywhere (in addition to diapers).  Me and the camera are like siamese twins. Except, I have an aweful habit. No matter how much I try to take care of it and try to keep it in it’s bag, it just doesn’t work.

In the past, I have used the Kata sling. It’s functional while shooting, but I shoot life, I’m by no means a professional photographer.

Sick of my camera not being well taken care of (I shoot with a Canon 60D) – keeping it in a protective bag keeps it in good shape, plus I always know where it is.  There is no longer a need for us to carry around ugly bulky black camera bags when there are so many stinkin’ darling camera bags FOR GIRLS! (or women, whateva). No more MAN camera bag!  Here are a few of the darlings that I came across while on my search:

Girly Camera Bags

Alright girl photographers, no more plain black camera bags, these bags were made just for you.

Girly Camera Bags

Stella Epiphanie Bag

Stella Epiphanie Camera Bag for Girls

This darling girly camera bag from Epiphanie – her name is Stella and isn’t she cute!!

The Epiphanie Stella shoulder bag contains a ton of space! You can hold a DSLR, 3 lenses, flash, battery pack and accessories.  There are 5 outside zipper pockets for personal use.   The Stella bag is water-resistant made from synthetic leather and accented with a gray lining.  There is extra padding, so don’t worry – your gear will totally be protected.

What I love most (as a message bag lover) – you can wear your Stella camera bag over your should or cross-body messenger style.

This gray color will be sure to compliment anything you wear.

Buy Epiphanie Stella Bag

(p.s. I don’t know if Ephiphanie bags can do wrong when it comes to style!)

Kelly Moore Libby Bag

kelly moore libby camera bag

Meet Libby, she’s a beautiful bag from Kelly Moore.  You can wear her over the shoulder, or as a messenger bag.  She is water resistant so any photography jobs outside, don’t fret!  If you are hauling lots of equipment, take note – she the Libby Kelly Moore bag will hold up to 10 lens, a pro body or standard body with grip and a camera body with lens attached.  In other words, this camera bag has room!

Buy Kelly Moore Libby Bag

Cameron Hobo DSLR Camera Bag/Case

Cameron hobo bag

Goodbye ugly camera bag, hello pretty! Meet the Cameron Hobo DSLR camera bag.  This is not your old bulky camera case.  Created  by Dre Hartmann, this bag is made of heavy luggage quality canvas and real leather.  Your Cameron Hobo will carry a camera body and 2-3 lenses – as well as other accessories.

Buy Cameron Hobo – Dre Hartmann Bag


Betsy Bag by Jo Totes


The Betsy bag is slim in design, she has lots of pockets and can be work either with a shoulder strap or cross-body.  She is perfect for photo shoots or day trips. The Betsy bag by Jo Totes is made of soft quality faux leather in dark brown.  The interior fabric is silky light blue cotton.  Don’t be fooled, this bag can hold some equipment!  She is 11″ high x 15.5″ wide x 4″ deep and in addition to your camera, has a laptop sleeve that is large enough to hold a 13″ Apple Macbook Air or Apple Macbook Pro.  Her exterior back pocket will fit an iPad!

Buy Jill-E Bag

Small Nylon Camera Bag by Jill-E

jill-e small camera bag

Photographers, if you are looking for a small stylish camera bag, check out this small nylon camera bag, check out this adorablness!  The reviews are raving:

I love these camera bags. In fact, I bought 2 different sizes (small and medium). They’re fashionable, durable and useful and don’t look like the old box style camera bags. There is plenty of padding to protect your camera and gear. The padding is also moveable so you can customize the bag to suit your needs. I can fit my camera (lens attached) and 2-3 additional lenses in this small bag along with additional camera accessories such as extra batteries, lens cleaner, lens caps and filters. There’s also a variety of pockets for stuff like cell phone, business cards, car keys, wallet and sunglasses. It even comes with an additional removable small pouch. I couldn’t be happier with a camera bag!

Buy Small Camera Bag by Jill-E

Crumpler Backpack

crumpler backpack

Okay, so while this may not be totally girly girl – it’s super cute and totally functional.  This backpack is by Crumpler and will hold your camera and laptop. 2 for 1 – I am all about bags that I can use for multiple purposes.

The Crumpler brand is awesome and carries a LIFETIME warranty, hello!  With fully adjustable ergonomic harness, this backpack is designed to distribute weight evenly.  It’s water resistant and features hooded external zippers.

Buy Crumpler Backpack

Venice Camera Bag by ONA

The Venice is made of full-grain leather and will hold your SLD camera, up to 3 lenses and small personal items.  There is an interior compartment that can hold your waller and iPad and 2 large front pockets to hold lens caps, batteries and what have you.  When you are not in photographer mode – use this fashionable bag as a purse.

Buy Venice by ONA

Chevron Designer Camera Bag by Ketti Handbags

Chevron Camera Bag - Ketti Handbags

Can you say totally CUTE?  This darling Chevron Camera Bag from Ketti Handbags just makes me squeal.

The chevron pattern is in indigo and features a lovely linen texture.  The lining is vibrant purple and features 1 inside zippered pocket, 2 adjustable dividers, metal zipper closure, antique bass o-rings and brass feet. Perfect for the stylish photographer!

Buy Chevron Camera Bag by Ketti Handbags

There you go, what a selection. I’m all about mixing fashion with functional.

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Which is your girly camera bag is your favorite?

Shoot Now – Focus Later? Meet Lytro

Shoot Now – Focus Later? Meet Lytro

Lytro, the first light field camera

Lytro, the first light field camera

You digital moms know what I’m talking about: you take your iPhone or mobile phone out – shoot a pic because your kid looks extra cute (or is possibly getting into trouble) – and WHAM – the focus just isn’t right. You wanted the focus on your kid not the cereal box that he dumped out.

Lytro let's you shoot first and focus later.

Lytro let’s you shoot first and focus later..

Meet Lytro.  Lytro is a light field camera that will allow you to do the unimaginable with your photos.

Lytro allows you to take a picture and then later adjust the object that you are focusing in on.  And that’s just the start of it!

Lytro will debut the first light field camera for everyone. OK – you’re not everyone. You are a beautiful, unique snowflake. And you deserve an amazing camera that lets you capture life’s singular moments, like baby’s first steps not second, with maximum magic and minimum hassle. No more fighting with dials and settings and modes. No more flat, boring, static photographs. With a Lytro, you unleash the light.

Lytro let’s you shoot first – then focus later.


Cool, huh? Wanna know what else is amazing? Lytro will automatically capture pictures that can be viewed in 3D.

By recording the light field instead of a photograph, Lytro will let you choose how to view your living pictures. So, in addition to refocusing pictures you shoot with a Lytro, you can also switch seamlessly between 2D and 3D views.


Lytro questions that are still outstanding:

  • What does Lytro look like?
  • What other features will be included?
  • When will Lytro be released?
  • How much will Lytro cost?
  • What file format will Lytro images  produce?

Learn more at lytro.com

Is This The Start of a Picture Revolution? Thoughts? When Will Canon Buy Lytro?